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5 essential oils for hormone balance

Essential oils have long been used in traditional medicine to support hormone balance and fertility.  There are many benefits to aromatherapy but today I would like to introduce you to 5 beautiful plants which you may like to consider for their physical and emotional properties

Rose, Geranium, Jasmine, Clary Sage and Frankincense

5 essential oils for hormone balance

Rose: nurtures, unconditional love: Long a symbol of love and purity rose essential oil is an excellent tonic for the womb, calming premenstrual tension, promoting vaginal secretions and regulating the menstrual cycle.  Its beneficial action on infertility aids “male” problems too. Like Jasmine it is believed  to support  sexual difficulties and increase semen.  Rose is considered to have a soothing effect on both the skin and the mind,  opening the heart and restoring  balance and sweetness to the body and soul.
5 essential oils for hormone balanceGeranium:  the ultimate hormone balancer:  Distilled from the fragrant leaves of the Pelargonium; geranium was once used as a general healing herb but I have found it to be one of the best balancing oils – harmonising  both physically and mentally, and easing anxiety, tension, moods and fears.  Geranium helps relieves fluid retention and acts as a tonic for the liver. The perfect essential oil for fertility, menstrual and menopausal issues.
Jasmine Essential OilJasmine: love and an aphrodisiac: The delicate white flowers of this climbing plant are picked at night when the aroma is most intense. Aromatherapists consider it a valuable remedy for the skin, depression, helps to calm nerves and soothe emotions.

So, you can understand why Jasmine essential oil is on this list.  It is also a valued oil in childbirth as believed to hasten delivery & relieve pain (a consultation with an aromatherapist would be a good idea before using).

Fundamentally,  Jasmine is a superb hormone balancer & aromatherapists have been using it to support not only fertility but post birth health for years.  (post natal depression; bonding between mother and child and to promote the flow of breast milk). Jasmine has  also been used to relieve spasms in the uterus and  soothe menstrual pain so may be a contender for you if you suffer with PCOS or endometriosis.  It is  also indicated for men – helping to  increase spermatozoa.  The aroma is deeply relaxing!

Clary Sage essential oil from lilac flowering tops Clary Sage: regulates hormones and emotions: Distilled from lilac flowering tops this beautiful essential oil has a divine aroma whose properties act as a sedative, aphrodisiac and  hormone regulator specifically supporting pre-menstrual tension,  painful periods and erratic emotions.   Physically this essential oil is believed to reduce cramps and muscle spasms and insomnia from over-work, headaches and migraines.

Therapeutically it can be used to encourage labour. This oil is particularly indicated for times of change whether biological or emotional!

Frankincense: supports intuition and insights through meditation and Universal Consciousness:

Traditionally used to rejuvenate skin and  support focus during meditation it has a  lovely spicy lemony aroma.  Frankincense helps release – letting go of over attachment (nostalgia) obsessive thoughts, mental fatigue  and  burn-out.  Frankincense is believed to have a helpful action on the genito-urinary  tract  and its astringent properties may relieve heavy menses  and act as a tonic to the uterus.  Its calming properties may support  you when preparing for pregnancy, before starting assisted conception, post having your baby, or when you are feeling depressed, insecure or need to trust in your fertility journey.

Essential oils can be bought individually or ready blended.  They can be used to anoint, bathe, body exfoliate, moisturise, use as a perfume, or as a refreshing spray tonic, massage oils and some can even be ingested.  
Creation Essence for the Yoni - Creation FertilityAnoint*: Set  Your daily intention:  One of my favourite is to place a drop of my chosen  pre-blended essential oil into the centre of my palm and then place my hands together. I cleanse my aura daily (personally I do this before my yoga practice but you can do it anytime)  by dropping my arms to my sides and then lifting them above my head, returning my hands into prayer position above my head before bringing them down to my heart centre.

I repeat this 3 times and imagine that I am cleansing my aura from all negativity.

Before beginning the anointing process imagine the outcome you wish for in your mind’s eye.   Place 1-2 drops of  (the oil I use is called Creation Essence ) into your palm. With your index finger apply the oil to the temple (mind), throat (body) and heart centre (spirit). Now place your hands in prayer position at your heart centre, bowing your head towards your hands so you can inhale, drawing in the aroma of the essence together with your  positive intention and outcome into your heart centre. As you exhale open your palms upwards and blow the aroma and intention into the ether to  manifest.

Bathe*:  Sacral bath: 2 dessertspoons organic coconut oil/butter, 300 grams Epsom Salts or Dead Sea Salts  or Himalayan Rock Salt,  1-12 drops of your chosen oils (add after running the bath so as not to “bruise” the oils).  Light candles, dive in and soak for 20 minutes in warm bath water.  Please note bathing may not be appropriate during assisted conception.
Foot Bath and Reflexology with Creation Essence Foot Bath*:  Add up to 5 drops of  your chosen essential oils or Creation Essence to a bowl of hand hot water.  Ad a large handful of Epsom Salt and soak feet for 10 minutes.

Body Exfoliate*:  1 cup sea salt, Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts or Himalayan Rock Salt 1-6 drops Creation Essence to 1 cup grape seed oil or olive oil or coconut oil.  Mix to combine and place in a glass jar with lid.  Rub the mixture onto your body and rinse off in bath or shower.  Your body will smell beautiful and also be very soft!

Moisturise*: Add 1-12 drops of Creation Essence to 30 ml of un-perfumed body lotion or cream and use to moisturise your body.

Perfume* : Please ensure blended oils are diluted into a carrier oil when using directly onto the skin.

Refreshing Water Spray Tonic*: Add 10 drops  of  essential oils to 50 ml spring water in a bottle with a vaporiser and spray around aura, or body to revitalise and refresh.  
Massage with Creation EssenceMassage and reflexology*

Both massage and reflexology are very effective tools to  support fertility.  Each  massage or reflexology treatment should be developed by a fertility therapist to support your personal fertility issues and menstrual cycle.

Both forms of treatment encourage hormonal balance and enables the essential oils to be absorbed and used by the skin and body.

Choose a vegetable based carrier oil and add 1-2 drops of your essential oils to to 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of carrier oil.

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