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5 Things We Do That Harms Our Fertility

5 Things We Do That Harms Our Fertility

When we go about our normal day, the last thing on our minds is our fertility. It’s odd to have thoughts that ring out, ‘will my sperm react negatively to this?’ or ‘I wonder if this harms my eggs?’. Yeah, we agree, it would be weird. But, there is some sense in exploring this line of thought. We do some bizarre things in our everyday lifestyles, that could actually harm our chances of having children someday. Let’s take a look.

  1. That bad habit

You probably know this already but if you don’t, smoking harms your ability to remain fertile. The chemicals in cigarettes such as cadmium and cotinine are two very specific toxins that are found in your tobacco smoke inhalation. They can reduce sperm count but crucially, egg count as well. Eggs cannot be repaired or replaced, so you should stop smoking while you can. An alternative is vaping, and these vape uk beginner kits are great for someone who wants to quit that bad habit but still enjoy the pastime of smoking. They’re also more affordable and have far more options regarding juices.

2. Lack of exercise

Not working out regularly, won’t harm you much, but never working out will! Crucially, your body will not be producing as many sperm, not as regularly and your sex drive will go down too. You should be mindful about your consumption of bad foods, especially those that are high in saturated fats, cooking oils and salt. Eat a salad wrap once in a while, and do some bodyweight exercises at home.

3. A bad feeling

If you feel like something is not right in your sexual health, then do not put it off, speak to your doctor. It might be embarrassing in your mind, but to a doctor, your health is his or her number one priority. There is no need to be shy about your sexual health, doctors are there to discuss your concerns and give you the correct treatment to protect your body from harm. So if something is unusual, they will get to the bottom of it.

4. Overeating 

Eating junk food is by far the most unknown when it comes to harmful habits to your fertility. If you’re a woman, your fertility will begin to decrease by the age of 27. But it can be accelerated if you’re binge eating. This is simply because our body is under much more stress than it should be, and the aging process speeds up. Your BMI should not be higher than 30 and never over 35. 

5. Unsafe sex

Maybe this goes without saying, but having a disease in your sexual organ, is going to drastically affect your fertility. Without a doubt, practicing safe sex is something you should be doing. Always be careful, even when having intimacy with a partner of many years.

We would all like to protect our sperm and eggs from these things, but many of us will forget by tomorrow. Don’t be one of them, start to live a healthier and balanced life if you don’t want to affect your fertility rate.

Joe Long
Joe Long
Freelance women and men's health writer at Fertility Road.

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