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Are you considering solo motherhood?

Solo Motherhood

Choosing to become a single mother is becoming increasingly common today, and it is now seen as an accepted way of starting a family.  However, it is still a big decision to become a single mother and there are many elements to consider. Cryos is the world’s largest sperm bank and we want to guide you as much as possible. Therefore, we have collected some helpful links and tips that will help you, if you are considering becoming a single mother by choice.

Considerations before taking the big step

In the consideration process, you may be interested in reading stories from other single mothers by choice, in order to learn from their experience. Here are three examples of inspirational stories written by Solo Moms by Choice you can find on Cryos blog:

Blogpost from Maije: “There I was, 38 years old and single. All the dreams just went down the drain. I really needed to get myself together and think of a plan B.”

Blogpost from Angie: “ They say that hindsight is always 20/20. Well, if I had known what my life looked like now, I would have had my baby 10 years earlier.”

Blogpost from Signe Fjord: “I tried to find a new man, but when my biological clock was ticking with high pressure, dating was no success. I looked into many possibilities of starting my family.”

You can also read our interview with 41-year-old Pernille, who three years ago made the decision to use a sperm donor. In the interview, she shares five great tips for others who might be considering the same journey or who have already started the process of becoming a single mother: Single mother to a donor child gives 5 good tips.

Tips from one single mother by choice to another 

Whether you are considering having a child as a single mother or if you are already in the process, then we encourage you to join Cryos’ Facebook group, Family Dreams. Family Dreams is a closed Facebook group for singles and couples who are considering using a donor to start their family or who are already in the process. In this group, you have the opportunity to talk to like-minded people, in an environment where you feel safe to ask all of your questions.

About donor children
In your consideration process you may also wonder how your child will be influenced in the future, by your decision to raise a child by yourself. Susan Golombok, a researcher at Center for Family Research at The University of Cambridge, has studied the relationship between mothers and children in families that have been created by single mothers by choice. Susan explains: “What we found is that actually, these families are very well functioning. The mothers and children have very good relationships with each other.” You can see the full interview with Susan Golombok on single mother by choice families at Cryos’ blog here.

Perhaps you are also curious to learn how a donor child felt growing up? On Cryos blog you can also read about donor child, Emma Grønbæk. 22 years ago Emma was conceived with the help of an anonymous sperm donor. She was not brought up by a single mother, but you can still learn a lot from her experience and get some good tips on how to talk to your future child about being donor-conceived, by reading the blogpost on Cryos’ blog.

We hope that some of these blog posts and tips will help you in your decision process. If you have any questions regarding fertility treatment with donor sperm, as a single mother by choice, then you can learn more on our webpage or by contacting Cryos’ Customer Service: [email protected].

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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