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Michelle Mulliss MSc MBAcC

Michelle is the only natural medical practitioner in the UK to have studied a Masters degree in reproductive medicine science and genetics and provides a unique approach of integrated medicine.

Grown Men Do Cry: Two Men Share Their Stories of Coping with Emotions And Supporting their Wives During IVF

Everyone knows that infertility is a stressful situation that is usually focused around the woman and the processes she goes through with IVF. The...

Spring is the time to focus on Egg Quality

The Spring season sees a height of activity of new life within the natural world, so it’s no wonder that couples instinctively think about...

1 in 8 pregnancies end in miscarriage… but there may be hope after this tragedy

The journey of fertility is a long and winding road which brings about much anxiety and stress for many couples trying to conceive. Fertility...

Premature Ovarian Failure Vs Menopause

That all important meeting has just started and a wave of heat suddenly comes out from nowhere starting from your feet to your head,...

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