Dr Rishma Walji

Dr. Rishma Walji is a Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, PhD and fertility coach. For 16+ years, she's worked with women all over the world helping them create comprehensive and effective action plans so they can get pregnant, stay pregnant and deliver healthy babies. Education. Group support. 1-1 coaching.

Trying to get pregnant? Why guys should be taking prenatal vitamins, too

Often, when women are trying to conceive, they ask me how early they should start preparing their bodies (hint: ideally, at least 3 months before you start trying). What I don’t often get asked about though is: what about the men? Should guys be getting ready for pregnancy too?

Rainbow Babies: Tips To Move Through The Joys, Fears And Tears Of Pregnancy After Loss

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! Everyone around you is excited except, perhaps, for you. Last time this happened and/or the time before that and/or the time...

Fertility And Sex: Why Her Orgasm Matters

For many couples, trying to conceive can make sex feel less fun and more pressured. Instead of being an intimate and enjoyable experience, baby-making...

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