We (Wes and Michael) are on a mission to help raise awareness of Same-Sex Parenting and help normalise our own modern family, as we hopefully help shine the spotlight, positively on families like ours, with either two mommies or two daddies.

Surrogacy – a beautiful act of kindness and selflessness

Surrogacy in the UK is a topic most tend to shy away from, and I feel this social awkwardness is down to a lack...

Our world spins madly on

Since we started to talk openly about our fertility journey back in 2015, the feedback has been generally very positive and public support has...

Who’s The Daddy… Meet Mike & Wes Who Are Just Parents, Parenting

Being a Dad for me (Michael) was one of the single most important desires I think I’ve ever quite possible had as an adult, the other was most definitely securing tickets to Kylie’s ‘On a Night Like This’ Stadium tour in 2001.

Paternal instinct… because dads know best too

As I’m sure you’re aware being a same-sex family sometimes has its challenges, don’t get me wrong its nothing we can’t overcome or combat,...

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