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We Asked Two Couples To Share Their Fertility Journey With New Life IVF in Greece

With more and more couples and individuals travelling abroad for IVF treatment, we asked two couples to share their very personal fertility journey story with us and why they chose New Life IVF Fertility Clinic in Greece.

Imagine… this could be your story!

Patient 1

“After a round of IVF treatment in the UK which resulted in a failed attempt and with only 1 embryo left we started to think about our next step. With no more IVF on NHS attempts available we had a meeting with a private clinic in the UK which in truth was a sales meeting, they quoted £9,000.

I spoke with a friend who had a successful result in Spain so we looked into treatment abroad. After some research, we found that New Life Greece was a match for our requirements and after a few months of planning, we took the decision to continue our IVF journey in the sunshine.

From the moment we met Dr Dovas and Chrysa we knew it was the correct decision.

What I liked most is how honest and upfront they were with every stage of the process being explained in ‘next steps’. This made the process less daunting for us and meant we could focus our energy on what was happening next and that’s all.

Not only was the treatment cheaper even with flights and accommodation but the service was better than any I have ever experienced.

They truly had our best interests at heart and I cannot thank them enough for recommending we freeze our embryos for a few months so my body could recover fully from the harvest.

We were successful the first time and now have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. I can truly say that our IVF journey became a positive one and we feel so lucky that it was only a 3 year journey which is down to the expertise and care of Chrysa, Dr Dovas and their fabulous team.”

Patient 2

After being diagnosed with Endometriosis, going through a laparoscopy and then finding out we didn’t qualify for free IVF on the NHS I was distraught. I didn’t think there was any way I would be where I am today holding my beautiful 3 week old baby girl in my arms as I write this.

I am not usually one to write a testimonial but feel I need to let everyone who is about to start the same journey know how amazing Newlife clinic is.

I firstly have to stress that I was always dubious about having any medical treatment abroad (comes from reading too many horror stories in magazines) but I cannot fault the professional yet personal care we received from Chrysa, Dr Dovas and the whole team at New Life.

From the first moment we stepped into the clinic I knew we had made the right decision. It was clean, fresh and bright and we were welcomed with positive vibes from all the staff. Chrysa made sure we were kept updated throughout the whole journey and held my hand every step of the way (literally)!

We were successful on the second cycle of treatment and I cannot thank NewLife enough for the little bundle of joy I have in my arms.

I never thought a few years ago I would be where I am now.

I would recommend NewLife clinic to anyone who is about to start their IVF Journey and want to thank all the staff who made our dreams come true!

More patient stories can be found on the New Life website www.newlife-ivf.co.uk/patient-stories

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