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Detox With Simply Healing meet Mita and Pardeep

For the first time, we meet Mita and Pardeep, who were chosen to work with Vivien Kay and the other detox experts at Simply Healing.

The West Sussex-based retreat has a great reputation for getting couples to optimum internal health in preparation for natural or assisted conception, and in May they kicked off a programme with our selected couple.

In this issue, Mita details how her and her partner made it to this stage, and what has happened so far in their time with Simply Healing.

The story so far

Following a miscarriage and complications my sister had in 2012, I thought I should get myself checked out before my husband and I started trying for a baby. I was so grateful that the doctor was happy to test us both without telling us to go away and try for a year, but that did nothing to lessen the disappointment of discovering that, while I was okay, my husband Pardeep came back with zero sperm count.

In January 2013, we were referred to the specialist at the hospital for blood tests which confirmed azoospermia. The second consultant we saw advised us to consider using a sperm donor if we wanted to have a baby of our own, but in the early months of 2013 we explored adoption. Soon though, we found ourselves on the same path – we’d decided to go ahead using donor sperm.

This was a huge decision to make and we knew from the start that we would want to tell the child, and therefore we had to inform our family, more for support than anything else. We have been together for eight years and married for six, so the ‘baby question’ comes up frequently.

Pardeep quickly accepted his infertility and was happy to openly speak to family and friends about it, yet being part of the Asian community (where sex is a taboo subject, let alone IVF, and especially using donor sperm) it was a huge thing and we had two very different reactions from each side of the family.

Joining the Donor Conception Network has helped us immensely, not only in enabling us to gain a wealth of information but, better than that, a place where we have found others who understand exactly what we are going through.

So as all of my test results came back clear and age was not of concern, we were eligible on the NHS for six rounds of IUI and one round of IVF. We started IUI in May 2013 and did six back-to-back treatments without any success.

In December 2013 I began taking my injections for IVF and had egg collection in January 2014. I had 11 eggs, seven fertilised with ICSI, one embryo was frozen and one embryo was transferred on day three. Unfortunately, this did not work and there was no set reason given but egg quality may have been a factor.

At our follow up the consultation in February 2014, we were advised to use our frozen embryo, but I felt that because of the unexplained egg quality and low embryo number, I wanted to try another fresh cycle even if that meant paying for the treatment this time. After all, if age was on my side, I wanted to maximise our chances to have baby number two one day instead of using the frozen embryo.

We were due to start IVF next month which has now been pushed back two months because of the opportunity to work with Simply Healing through Fertility Road magazine. We opted to have an ‘endometrial scratch’ this time – which takes place usually between days 16-20 – before commencing the injections and next cycle leading up to egg collection.

Being selected to work with Simply Healing – May 2014 I patiently waited to be called in for my scan.

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