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Dream of having a family? Visit Family Dreams – A NEW online community

Dream of Having A Family

Cryos International’s new community is for people who wish to start a family but need help from a sperm donor to make the dream of a family come true

The new online community is a private group on Facebook hosted by the world’s largest sperm bank, Cryos International. In the group you can share your experiences and talk with like-minded people who are also considering fertility treatment with donor sperm.

We know from experience, that hearing other people’s stories can lessen the worries and help with the many considerations in the process of having a child with help from a donor. That is why we created the online community, Family Dreams, for you to ask the questions you need answer for in a respectful, supporting and like-minded environment.

The online community is not only for you who are considering fertility treatment with donor sperm but also for those who are pregnant, or who already have a donor-conceived child and want to be connected with people who also have donor-conceived children.

Family Dreams launched in March this year and has already reached 500 members. New members are joining every day sharing pictures and starting conversations.

You can join Family Dreams here.

Group culture guidelines for Family Dreams

The process of having a donor-conceived child is a personal matter. Our wish for Family Dreams is to create a kind space where you feel free to talk about your feelings and thoughts on your journey towards parenthood.

For that reason, we kindly ask all group members to abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Be kind, supportive and respectful.
  2. Respect diversity.
  3. Avoid posting promotional posts and advertising.
  4. To protect donor anonymity, it’s not permitted to search for parents or children related to a specific donor in this group.

See you in Family Dreams! ? Join Family Dreams here!

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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