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Fertility Road Magazine is the longest running print and digital magazine with a popular website. We feature content on fertility and IVF treatments, health and fitness, nutrition and wellbeing as well as surrogacy and male fertility, lifestyle, entertainment and more.

We always encourage writers and bloggers to contribute an original article related to the topic of our blog in order to showcase themselves in front of a wide audience.

By posting content you become a trusted voice and source of information in the fertility community. You will increase your visibility when we share your published content with our 47K+ subscribers across our website, newsletter and social media platforms, bringing your closer not only on to people who are searching for your content but will enable you to build your personal and professional brand.

Here’s how your content is shared.


Areas of interest

  • Complementary Therapies
  • Entertainment – Celebrity, Cultural & Arts and movies
  • Fertility-related – Fertility Treatment, Science, Adoption, Egg Donation, PCOS, Surrogacy, Male Fertility
  • Lifestyle – Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Mental Health issues
  • Tech – Wearables and Apps

Fertility Road Magazine Application Criteria

All applicants must prove strong writing skills and unique insights into the fertility community.
Whether you’re an experienced or new writer there are a few key qualifications that will determine if you are accepted to contribute:

  • DON’T POST BORING LIST POSTS! Our readers deserve more!
  • Don’t think we’re a guest posting hub. We’re not.
  • All writing samples must relate to the Fertility Road  subject matter (Fertility, fertility treatments, fertility advice, IVF, male fertility, men only issues, preconception, self-help, mind and body, diet, nutrition and healthy eating advice, complementary therapies, acupuncture, real-life stories or letters from the heart)
  • Writing samples must be written by you, display strong writing skills and subject matter must be well-researched and accurate
  • Content cannot be promotional or commercial in nature. (no obvious advertising or irrelevant links back to commercial websites)
  • We provide a link back to your website but not to third party website

What we look for:

  • Unique ideas with real-world examples to support
  • We always love an informative and easy-to-read infographic
  • Links back to Fertility Road Magazine!
  • Trending topics

We would always suggest your Head over to the homepage and check out the first few pages to understand what kind of articles we publish here and what kind of articles users engage with the most.


WE DO NOT ACCEPT GUEST POSTS! If you are looking to build a long term writing partnership with Fertility Road please get in touch.

In order to publish articles on Fertility Road Email your article to – submissions@fertilityroad.com

It can take up to 20 days for an article to be reviewed and if published we’ll send you an email.

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