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A look at the emotional cause behind a physical issue

A’ndrea Reiter looks at the emotional cause behind the physical issue with one of her clients who struggled with Endometriosis.

In my fertility practice, I find there is always an emotional cause behind the physical issue and once that emotional aspect has been resolved it can positively affect the physical problem. I often use the analogy of a warning light on a car dashboard which, when lit acts as a warning that there is a problem which needs addressing.

Similarly, our bodies are letting us know that something requires attention when we come across problems with our fertility. In my practice, I have seen PCOS, endometriosis, male infertility, thyroid issues and unexplained infertility disappear once the emotional cause was dealt with.

Here is an account of one of my clients who conceived against all odds by addressing the underlying emotional issues that were causing her physical pain.

This is Lea’s story

When I first chatted with Lea, she explained that she had experienced a range of ongoing illnesses since her late teenage years. She had addressed her autoimmune issues with a strict gluten-free diet but was still plagued by a vicious case of endometriosis.

This not only made her daily life (and especially around the time of her cycle) very painful but also made it harder to conceive naturally. She had been to a Chinese medicine doctor and taken many herbs and medications which had not solved the issue.

It is vital that we look at the ‘whole person’ rather than focusing on one issue or organ such as the uterus to get an understanding of the real problem(s). Like most of my clients, Lea had a combination of issues which were affecting her fertility. These could be broken down into four categories: External factors, Beliefs/Mindset, Body/Physical issues, and Energy/Law of Attraction.

External Factors

External factors include things like having a stressful job, family problems, or financial issues which can adversely affect our stress levels.

Lea was a PhD student who was also an editor at a very prominent magazine and was doing additional freelance work. This left her constantly stressed, never able to take a break and always falling behind in something. The main function of your brain is to keep you alive and safe (the so-called fight or flight response) – when you are not taking care of yourself your brain switches on its flight or flight mode and will effectively shut down your reproductive capacity, saving you from more stress.


Beliefs are thoughts and feelings which we construct and accept. These beliefs may not necessarily be based on fact but we come to treat them as such. Beliefs originate from many sources such as doctors, parents, and teachers; they can arise from our life experience or be adopted from wider societal norms. Beliefs can be surreptitious; they may lurk in our sub-conscience for years and years and only surface periodically. If our brain considers these beliefs as being a threat to our health and safety it will effectively block us from moving forward.

Lea had a complicated web of beliefs which were an ever-present reminder of how her life was playing out – ‘I’m running out of time; It should have happened by now, it’s never going to happen for me’ were very strongly held beliefs. Added to these, she also believed that as she suffered from multiple illnesses so would any baby.

Overthinking can create scenarios that create fear. Mindset work can dismantle this fear and turn it into a positive. It can neutralize your energy and enable you to move forward with certainty rather than an irrational fear. The power of positivity far outweighs the negativity surrounding the belief of ‘what might go wrong’.

Lea faced these fears, many of which had been going on for years and she is no longer plagued by them. This made her brain feel safe, so her fight or flight switch turned off, and her uterus turned back on!

Body/Physical Issues

Everybody part represents an emotion. For example, our knees are associated with our flexibility (or lack thereof) as a person and the throat enables us to voice opinions and needs. The body can be used as a brilliant map to discover what emotional patterns we need to address.

Lea had one of the most severe cases of endometriosis I have ever seen. It was wrapped around her uterus and bowels; she had one ovary removed and one fallopian tube was blocked. This would obviously overwhelm anyone, and not surprisingly she had been advised that IVF was her only treatment option.

Endometriosis is the physical manifestation of a number of emotional causes including
insecurity, disappointment, frustration, and blame. The reproductive organs are located in the Sacral Chakra which represents creativity, children, and relationships (family or romantic). The bowels embody the fear of letting go and releasing what no longer serves you.

In order that we might address the physical manifestation, we had to identify the emotional cause.

One of the things that arose was that Lea had a strained relationship with her mother for her entire life. Lea’s mother was controlling; she demanded high standards and wanted Lea to be feminine but Lea was a solitary and non-conformist child and young adult. She never matched her mother’s expectations and as a consequence, there were a lot of feelings of frustration, blame, and insecurity around her growing up.

In addition, Lea had experienced difficulties with her husband’s family who culturally different to herself. They held certain ‘traditional’ expectations and blamed Lea for not producing grandchildren. Lea was subject to passive aggressive treatment which caused her frustration, depression, and rage.

I worked with Lea to identify and address expectations that others’ held and enabled her to view herself in a positive light. By accepting and cherishing her personal and emotional strengths Lea was able to move forward, get pregnant and banish her endometriosis symptoms.

Energy/Law of Attraction

According to the Law of Attraction, like energy attracts like energy. For example, if you constantly say “getting pregnant is hard” and you have low expectations these will be matched with pessimistic thoughts and experiences such as negative pregnancy test results.

Lea held her a negative opinion of herself. Her experience of autoimmune diseases in her twenties, as well as endometriosis and subsequent infertility, affected her faith in her own body. However, as the body takes orders from the brain, the blame lies here. We needed to shift her energy – as long as she was seeing herself as defective, she was attracting a match to that energy which was preventing her getting pregnant. We, therefore, began focusing on what her body was doing right; thanking it for all it does on a daily basis and restoring trust in it.

She always felt that she was focusing on trying to get better and “fix” her physical condition. That may sound positive on the surface, but from a Law of Attraction perspective, “I have to fix it,” actually says to the Universe, “I’m broken. I’m defective.” So that’s the energy she was being met with. A few energetic tweaks like this and she was on her way.

Lea is now 40 and had with one ovary, one blocked fallopian tube and severe endometriosis. The medical opinion was that she couldn’t conceive naturally. She overcame the odds however and achieved it. She has had a healthy pregnancy and is due in early 2018.

By looking at the mindset component you can uncover the mental blocks that are causing the physical issue and not only move your fertility along, but every area of your life. You are no different than Lea. You can do this. And if you need help, visit www.fusionfertility.com

All the best on your journeys, mamas.

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