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Expert 1 Egg Donation – IVF Spain International Egg Donation and IVF Treatments

Introducing IVF Spain with Dr Jon Aizpurua, General Director.

IVF Spain is based in Alicante. There, everything is geared towards the patient.

The treatment plan is adapted to the patient’s personal needs and the patient is spoken to in his or her own language. The clinic concentrates mainly on the international egg donation programme and IVF treatments, and its success rate is way above the national average.

Due to a shortage of egg donors in the UK and Ireland, there is a long waiting list for donors, which has led to a growing number of patients looking for egg donors and treatment abroad. IVF Spain works with an international medical network of clinics all over Europe, utilising vast experience and knowledge in the field of reproductive medicine. This allows them to offer patients treatments with demonstrated efficiency.And taking into account this background, they offer all traditional Assisted Reproduction techniques at the highest scientific standards.

The donor pool of anonymous donors represents all possible phenotypes, which are all tested on health and (genetic) diseases to ensure a healthy child. The Spanish ID legislation prohibits revealing the donor’s identity, which is mostly seen as an advantage by patients. By law, we can only reveal the donor’s age and blood group.

Once you travel to Spain, everything will be taken care of. You will be picked up from the airport and in less than 20 minutes brought to your hotel or apartment, which will be just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful clinic.

The international team will give you the necessary support and advice from the very first moment, so that you will feel at ease. Once the fertilisation has been performed, the embryo transfer is only a few days away, with a maximum wait of five days. The clinic is closely located to nice restaurants, shops and the outstanding beaches of Playa San Juan.

And using the latest technologies, such as EEVA, they can ensure only the best quality of embryos.

After the transfer, you can decide to stay, relax and enjoy a few more days of sun, or return home.

In the reproductive arena, there are over 200 specialised centres in Spain, including ‘boutique’ clinics such as IVF Spain. They boast the highest pregnancy success in all treatments, but especially in egg donation, with a 75% success rate. These high rates are achieved by a combination of four factors – a very competent and international medical team, the latest medical technologies, intensive research and development, and personal medicine.

What’s more, while traditional reproduction centres use phenotype matching, IVF Spain’s genetic matching goes one step further. The usual phenotype donor programme starts with a pool of 400 donors. After passing the legal requirements and the recipients’ preferences, some 20 donors are left. Medical criteria lead to one single best donor.

Yet in the case of genetic matching, the 520 SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) profiles of the 20 preselected donors are compared to that of the patient in order to define the genetically closest donor. This can make for a child who ‘fits in’ more with the family.
With so many aspects of egg donation going for it, it’s easy to see why Spain is an option to consider when travelling abroad for an egg donor.

Fertility Road magazine is inviting one couple to spend up to a year working with IVF Spain as the recipients in an egg donation programme. The clinic has agreed to cover the cost of this, which totals over £8,000.

In addition, Fertility Road will pay for flights and accommodation costs, plus other small expenses.

We please request that only serious couples apply.

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