Fertility Journeys Expert 2 Chinese Fertility Medicine - Andrew Loosely

Expert 2 Chinese Fertility Medicine – Andrew Loosely


Introducing our Chinese Fertility Medicine specialist Andrew Loosely.
Andrew Loosely is the world’s leading Natural Fertility Expert specialising in Chinese Fertility Medicine.
He supports couples around the world with his treatment programme, The Baby Creating Plan, and is based in the UK in Mayfair, London.
He is the founder and Director of Natural Fertility Expert, a leading team of fertility experts that work with him, and he is also the creator and host of Fertility Question Time.
In 1998 Andrew developed The Baby Creating Plan (BCP), which is founded on the proven and tested principles of Chinese Fertility Medicine.
At it’s core the BCP uses Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Fertility Massage and Emotional Support to provide a personalised treatment and support programme, whether you’re trying to conceive naturally or with IVF or Egg Donation.
The BCP combines Eastern and Western fertility testing, treatment and support to provide a fully integrated approach with expert guidance.
Since it was created it has become globally recognised and currently supports people and couples in more than 65 countries.
“ I believe that you should have access to
natural methods of fertility treatment and support that will enhance your chances of conception and successful pregnancy, whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with assisted methods such as IVF or Egg Donation.”
To help achieve this Andrew hosts Fertility Question Time, the worlds biggest free monthly online fertility event, where he interviews world leading Fertility Experts about every aspect of enhancing your fertility.
Thousands of people sign up for this monthly event to hear what the experts have to say and they also have a chance to have their questions answered live on the call.
As an author of three books and a regular writer and fertility expert for Fertility Road Magazine, Andrew is frequently invited to speak at global fertility events and radio programmes including the BBC.
His most recent book, The Ultimate Fertility Guide, reveals how you can increase your chances of Natural and Assisted conception and pregnancy by following his simple 3-step plan.
For more information please visit the Natural Fertility Expert visit website www.naturalfertilityexpert.com

Andrew Looselyhttps://naturalfertilityexpert.com
Over the past 20-years I’ve helped thousands of people around the world to enhance their fertility, to create the healthy babies they dreamed of – all with my 3 simple but effective steps to pregnancy, that you can now discover too!

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