One of our senior fertility experts, Sharon Morris, gave a talk at the end of February in Manchester to raise awareness of the options available to couples who have been trying for a baby without success for months, and even perhaps years. The talk focused on what steps couples need to take and when they should seek medical help, then explored the multitude of options available.
In terms of fertility, several couples are still unaware of the fact that by the time they have been trying for six months, around 50% actually have issues conceiving and therefore require some outside assistance. For those older than 35, this of course, as a first step, means seeing a doctor to get some tests done. Yet by using DuoFertility in parallel, any couple can immediately begin piecing together some of the more scientific elements of their fertility, something that’s hugely valuable given that those medical tests can take months – after all, shouldn’t we be making the most of every minute that passes?
Sharon also discussed success rates the DuoFertility programme can offer and how this compares to other procedures. For example, few couples knew that the chances of conception with insemination was not greater than those on the DuoFertility programme; or that six months on the DuoFertility programme gave couples similar chances of falling pregnant as a cycle of IVF.
One of the other speakers at the conference was a mother who successfully conceived after three months on the DuoFertility programme, when she had been told by her fertility specialist that she should have IVF with donor eggs.
We believe the strength of DuoFertility can be seen in the statistics, and throughout everything we do, the team has couples’ wellbeing in mind at all times. This can be seen right from the start when we offer a free telephone consultation. No other fertility programme or monitor is so upfront.
And this comes back to our principles – it is not in the company’s interest to waste valuable time for the couples, because sometimes the desire to start a family shouldn’t wait.