Jake & Leah Elliott Fertility

Leah and James Elliott Welcome Little Joseph Jake Cruz

It brought to a close an incredible year for Leah and her partner James, who were struggling with secondary infertility and looking to find an alternative to IVF by tapping into the skill, expertise and insight of Russell Davis, who has helped countless clients conquer psychological gremlins in order to conceive.

Fabulously Fertile Book

Fabulously Fertile Book Giveaway

We’ve teamed up with author Sarah Clark to offer six readers the chance to win a copy of her book, Fabulously Fertile a must read for those who suffer from PCOS, endometriosis, unexplained infertility, hormonal imbalance or have a low ovarian reserve.

Antioxidants And Male Infertility

Much has been written about the apparent beneficial effects of antioxidants for male fertility. The evidence to support this claim comes from two main sources.

PCOS Defeated! Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

PCOS Defeated: 3 Tips To Getting Pregnant With PCOS

Problem skin is one of the unfortunate side-effects of PCOS and this really does have extraordinary power over how a woman feels about herself. Self-confidence can impact a woman’s fertility and ability to conceive.

Introducing Fertility Journeys 2015

Egg Donation With IVF Spain

We were delighted to welcome IVF Spain back in as one of our Fertility Journeys partners for 2015. The Alicante-based clinic are offering to repeat the incredible egg donation programme they first introduced last year with Fertility Road readers Emma and Craig.