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Fertility Journeys

Fertility Journeys 2015 Update

Introducing Fertility Journeys 2015

It’s been another busy couple of months for our Fertility Journeys project. You may have seen Leah Elliott and partner James Born – who together had a beautiful baby boy after working with cognitive hypnotherapist Russell Davis – across national UK media over the past month. The story, which detailed Leah’s fertility journey last year after she applied to

Fertility Road magazine work with one of our experts was published in Reveal magazine, the Mail Online and Sunday Express websites. Leah was also invited onto the Good Morning Britain sofa at the end of June in what has been a whistle-stop media adventure.

In the next issue, we’ll be talking to Mita and Pardeep, who achieved twins with the help of detox experts Simply Healing, as a supplement to their IVF – look out for our exclusive interview.

Moving on to our new journeys though, and things are falling into place for this year’s partners – IVF Spain, Lister Fertility, Androferti and DuoFertility – and their chosen couples.

We’re also delighted to announce two new Fertility Journeys partners for our US readers. In this issue we open up a new invitation for applicants – please turn over to fi nd out more and to catch up on the latest progress.

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I am the Co-Founder of Fertility Road and head up the editorial team and find time to write some of the content for our website.. 

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