The Bi-Weekly Fertility Podcast Provides Fertility News On The Go

A new fertility podcast, handily called The Fertility Podcast, is making waves with a bi-weekly burst of first-class fertility discussion. Launched in September 2014 while its founder, Natalie, was at home on maternity leave, what initially began as a minor project to fill time has now evolved into a globally-downloaded digital product.
“My background is in broadcasting,” she tells Fertility Road. “Talking is what I do, so once my husband and I discovered we were going to need to go down the IVF route to start our family, my creative mind kicked into motion! I was thinking, ‘who could I talk to about this, and how could I harness my experience to help others?’. Hence, the beginning of The Fertility Podcast.
“My aim is to provide a safe place where you can learn and FERTILITY PODCAST SOUNDING GREAT talk about issues affecting your fertility. The beauty of audio is NO-ONE needs to know what you are listening to, so you can play it on the train, at the gym, in the car or walking your dog.
“My husband and I were lucky with our treatment. As well as being eligible for NHS funding – as I was over 35 and our ‘circumstances’ met the criteria – I’m delighted to say we were successful first time. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t the most daunting experience of our lives. In an age where Google is both a friend and a foe the list of questions you have often leave you feeling even more overwhelmed, and that’s without tapping into the blogs and forums. At the same time you don’t want to tell people so all of a sudden
you have secret and it’s almost like you’re in a new club!”
Whilst going through her treatment, Natalie had her best friend as a sounding board. She too had been through IVF with twins to show at the end of a long road, and Natalie admits the advice she received along the way from someone so close was priceless. “From telling me to avoid reading negative posts to doing visualisations, I truly believe the positive mindset I held through our treatment contributed to our success,” she says.
“From starting to look at the infertility community, especially on Twitter, it became apparent just how many people are struggling to start a family.
“I am constantly overwhelmed at how much is discussed on social media when infertility is still so taboo. So, I decided to reach out to people asking them to talk on my podcast and that is where we are today.”
The podcast is now in season two and its fortnightly shows have featured a range of leading experts as guests, including Zita West, Emma Cannon, Dr Allan Pacey and popular blogger WannaBeDad.
“The aim of the fertility podcast is to cover a wide range of issues affecting people’s fertility, with stories from everyday folk combined with expert comment. The plan going forward is to link up with as many partners as possible to get the word out further because people need and deserve support.”
Check out Natalie’s site and listen to an archive of material at You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.

The Bi-Weekly Fertility Podcast Provides Fertility News On The Go
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The Bi-Weekly Fertility Podcast Provides Fertility News On The Go