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Fertility Show Manchester

The Fertility Show Manchester 2017 Plus Free Tickets!!

Fertility Road are excited to be continuing our long-standing relationship with the Fertility Show.  Not only are we exhibiting at the Manchester Fertility Show but you will also be able to pick up a copy of the March/April issue of our magazine.

Whether you are just thinking about starting a family or have been trying for a while, come to The Fertility Show Manchester for advice, information and support to help you on your journey. Don’t miss our extensive fertility seminar programme providing access to the best minds in fertility, as well as our wide range of exhibitors so you can explore the best treatment options for you and get some of your questions answered.

In the UK, 1 in 6 couples struggle with fertility and the need for more information and support has never been more evident. Now, to give even more people access to expert advice on fertility, the UK’s most popular event, The Fertility Show, will travel north to Manchester for the first time on 25th – 26th March 2017.

The renowned London Show in Manchester celebrated its eighth year in November 2016 – and almost 3,000 visitors came through the doors. There was a lively, informative, yet supportive atmosphere at the Show, with visitors busily scheduling in expert talks across the main seminar stages, as well as chatting to the exhibitors on the Show floor.

And, following feedback from visitors, speakers and exhibitors, there is certainly demand for a second Manchester show that is more centrally located in the UK, to ensure as many people as possible can access impartial and informed advice on fertility.

Visiting The Fertility Show Manchester

Manchester’s Central Convention Complex will host the two-day event, with its unique educational focus and unrivalled access to seminars and Q&A’s with the best minds in the fertility world.

Tickets for the first fertility event in Manchester are on sale and the Fertility Show, which is hosted in association with Fertility Network UK, looks forward to welcoming thousands of prospective parents. With a range of exhibitors including doctors, clinicians and fertility experts appearing at the event it will give visitors the opportunity to get information one-to-one and under one roof.

The two-day seminar programme will feature some of UK ’s leading fertility experts such as Professor Charles Kingsland, Lead Consultant, Hewitt Fertility Centre, Liverpool, the UK’s largest provider of NHS funded treatment, Professor Adam Balen Consultant in Reproductive Medicine at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, leading expert in nutritional health for women, Dr Marylin Glenville PhD and Zita West, Zita West Clinic.

The Manchester show is for everyone wanting to conceive. Whether you’re considering IVF, want to find out about egg and sperm donation, thinking about other alternatives such as surrogacy and adoption, or simply want to know how to boost your fertility, then this event is for you.

The two-day Manchester event includes a diverse and educational seminar programme, with a carefully selected range of topics presented by independent experts, from both the NHS and private sectors. The full programme will be available to download at so that people can carefully plan their visit according to personal areas of interest.

Fertility Show Manchester Seminar topics will include:

  • Factors to consider when choosing a fertility clinic
  • Natural cycle and mild IVF – fertility treatment without the drugs?
  • Boost fertility and prevent miscarriage with nutrition
  • Surrogacy arrangements
  • Single women and gay couples – options for conceiving
  • What men need to know about fertility
  • Issues for families created with donors

The seminar programme will run from 10.30am – 6pm on Saturday 25th March 2017 and 10.30am – 4.30pm on Sunday 26th March 2017.


The Fertility Show Manchester will be following the lead of the London event and hosting unique Q&A sessions. The Q&A stage, in association with Fertility Network UK, will be running throughout the two days, to give visitors an opportunity to put forward their questions, either openly or anonymously, to a panel of experts. The stage will be hosted by Jessica Hepburn, Fertility Road columnist, trustee at Fertility Network UK and author of Amazon bestseller, The Pursuit of Motherhood and chaired by Susan Seenan, Chief Executive of Fertility Network UK – who will be joined by a rolling panel of fertility experts across the two days to give advice directly to visitors.

The Q&A Stage at Olympia was a popular new feature, introduced for the first time this year, with some lively debate with visitors questioning the experts on issues such as costs, finding the right treatment and clinic “success rates”.

Come join us at the Fertility Show Manchester to put your fertility questions centre stage!

Supporting people on their fertility journey

Since the very first event, eight years ago, The Fertility Show has formed a close partnership with the national charity for everyone who has experienced fertility problems, Fertility Network UK. The team of experts and advisors from the charity will be on hand again at Manchester to offer advice and support to all those people with questions or concerns about fertility. Fertility Network UK runs an information line on 01424 732 361 which offers free and impartial support for anyone affected by fertility issues.

Fertility A hot topic of news

Over the past few months, fertility has literally been front page news. Alex Jones, presenter of the One Show, in particular, led the way in talking publicly about the need for women to be more aware of and educated about their fertility and presented a BBC One documentary on the topic. Although Alex revealed fears that she would not be able to conceive, joyfully, she announced in September that she was expecting her first child.

National media attention has also fallen on a number of interviews revealing the pain of miscarriage from high profile and well-respected women; Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister and BBC Coast presenter, Tessa Dunlop. The very fact that these personal insights are so different reflects the reality of fertility for so many women in the UK.

It is also now commonplace to see fertility topics and treatments appear as features in the national news. As a result, there has been a widespread discussion in the media around topics such as fertility costs and so-called add-ons, as well as regular reporting of published scientific research on the benefits of new, ground-breaking fertility treatments.

While it is good to have up-to-date information on fertility reported in the news, it can also be confusing or worrying – especially for people who are considering seeking advice, or are actually undergoing fertility treatment. Sometimes, media reports raise more questions than answers!

At The Fertility Show Manchester, we understand that people want to better understand the latest fertility news and to be able to put these issues into the context of their own situation. Our seminar programme and Q&A Stage help to tackle fertility issues “head on” via the diverse range of topics covered, with experts invited to speak honestly and independently on these issues. Then, people can make their own informed judgement on what’s right for them and where to seek further advice and support.

Just as a “snapshot”, three topical issues that will be covered in Manchester are:

  • How to keep costs down – do we really need those add-ons?: covering items such as pre- implantation genetic screening, time-lapse photography, immunology and endometrial scratch, the seminar advises on how best to save money to get the right treatment for you.
  • Fertility treatment on the NHS: it’s a postcode lottery and Government funding constraints is making this worse. So, it is the people who best understand how the NHS works, its criteria and the information they need, who will fare best. The seminar will offer some helpful tips on how to fast track your fertility treatment on the NHS.
  • Innovations in embryo selection, do they really make a difference?: Newspapers are full of headlines about developments in genetic screening and time-lapse imaging that allow clinics to select the embryo for transfer most likely to succeed in an IVF cycle. But are these reports reliable and should patients be pinning their hopes (and cash) on such techniques?

Tickets for the Fertility Show Manchester will be on sale in January 2017. For further information please visit Tickets cost £10 for each day, or £16 for a weekend ticket in advance. Seminars can be booked for just £3 a session.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Fertility Road aims to inform and inspire in a way that is direct, honest and empathetic, whilst breaking down the science by being written by top experts from the fertility field.

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