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First Twins for Couple Using DuoFertility

The manufacturers of DuoFertility, the new generation fertility monitor used to automatically identify fertile days up to a week in advance and

confirm ovulation report that one of their customers has given birth to twin boys.  The happy couple, Denise and John, who had been trying for a baby for a number of years and had even been through two cycles of IVF without success, were delighted to discover that they had achieved their dream of a natural pregnancy within just three months of starting to use DuoFertility.

They were even more thrilled to discover they were expecting twins!  Now the proud parents of two identical boys, Denise and John are already planning to use DuoFertility again to add to their family.

The news of the first DuoFertility twins follows the recently-released news that six months use of DuoFertility has been shown to be as effective as a cycle of IVF at a fraction of the cost.

Fertility Road Magazine readers can buy DuoFertility for just £495 from duo fertility with the reassurance of knowing it is backed by a ‘get pregnant – or your money back guarantee’.  Full details of this offer – and the monthly purchase plan are available from the web site.

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