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Interested in finding out more about Egg Donation in Spain? Book your 1-2-1 consultation with FIV Marbella in London

FIV Marbella Consultation

If you are interested in Egg donation in Spain you can meet the FIV Marbella team for a 1-2-1 Consultation in London.

Do you have any questions? Need more information? How does Egg Donation work in Spain? What is the procedure? How are donors chosen? What is the law?

Our team will be at Queens Clinic in London on 9th and 10th February offering 1-1 consultations.
If you are interested in booking a 1-1 consultation please contact our patient coordinators Michelle Wood or Lindsay Huggan for more information by calling UK mobile 07502 176 882 or emailing [email protected]
Book your slot now!!!!

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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