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Free Egg Donation treatment in Spain

In 2016 Fertility Road launched the first of its kind global Free IVF initiative which we called Fertility Journeys. Since then we have gone on to help over 30 couples start or extend their families through our partnership with clinics from the UK, to Spain to Oregon.

We are back with our returning partners UR Vistahermosa who are offering couples or single women up to the age of 49 free Egg Donation treatment.

Below is an outline of what is being offered and you can find the application form here APPLICATION FORM

What UR Vistahermosa are offering

UR Vistahermosa is offering a fertility treatment which will include the following.

  • Initial medical consultation
  • Advanced sperm test and capacitation
  • Endometrial scratch (at Vistahermosa, if necessary)
  • Egg donation treatment with exclusive donor, including:
  • Embryo transfer guaranteed at blastocysts stage with Embryoglue
  • Exhaustive donor screening (gynaecological examination, cervical smear, ultrasound, complete set of laboratory tests, serology, karyotype, HIV PCR test, psychological test, family tree of three generations and electrocardiogram)
  • Genetic carrier screening for the donor
  • Oocyte insemination via intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • Donor medication
  • Embryo incubation with time-lapse embryo monitoring technology and MACS technology (to sort sperm)
  • If there are surplus embryos, vitrification is included
  • All cryotransfers (from surplus embryos) included until pregnancy
  • Donor Sperm, if necessary

The following costs will be the responsibility of the patients: flights, accommodation, recipient medications, preliminary investigations and necessary monitoring in their country throughout treatment.

Potential patients to be accepted: couple or a woman up to 49 years old.

We hope your journey will be as equally enjoyable as are other patients and we look forward to welcoming you to beautiful Alicante and our lovely clinic.

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