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Future Family Launches a $199 Membership For Fertility Coaching

Future Family is a startup aiming to make fertility services like IVF and egg freezing more accessible. They work with doctors and clinics to make the pricing of these services more predictable and upfront, then offer monthly payment plans to help customers spread the cost (often in the tens of thousands of dollars) over a few years.

In its recent user research, Future Family found that around 70% of their new customers had yet to see a fertility doctor; they were starting the process online, often without the next steps mapped out. With that in mind, today they’re rolling out a new membership plan that offers users a dedicated fertility coach, and helps them to find a doctor in their area.

What’s included in Membership?

The membership will cost $199 and you get all the services and support you need in one place.

  • Two and a half hours with a dedicated fertility coach, who will video chat with you on your schedule and platform of choice to help you figure out what’s next. Future Family CEO Claire Tomkins tells me that their coaches are all registered nurses with clinical fertility experience, many of whom the company recruited from top US clinics. The coach can help you figure out the first steps, prep you to meet with your doctor, and to help understand your lab results.
  • Recommendations on doctors/clinics in your area, based on things like distance, cost, and your personal preferences like the doctor’s gender and whether they’re part of a large hospital or a smaller clinic.
  • Upfront service pricing; as Future Family already works with these doctors, they’re able to tell you how much it’ll all cost before you dive in.

Why do you need a Fertility Coach?

The membership will also offer a way for members to sign up for one of Future Family’s financing plans — but Claire Tomkins tells me that there’s no lock in. If a customer does the video coaching and doctor matching and already has the payment side of things figured out, the promised prices will all still apply.

Get live video coaching sessions and a personalized plan. The coaching service is designed to reduce the stress of sorting through confusing web searches, social media postings, blogs, and online reviews and all of the coaches are registered nurses.

The new membership program will go live today fertilityroad.com/membership

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