Fertility LifeThe my future family fertility show returns in september

The my future family fertility show returns in september

Today we caught up with the My Future Family Fertility Show team to discuss this shows and Alternative Family Week.

In today’s society families are started in many different ways and are made up of many different combinations. The landscape of fertility and the make-up of families is constantly changing and can be difficult to keep up with.

That’s where the My Future Family Fertility Show, taking place on Saturday 23 September at The Grand Connaught Rooms can help.

Established nine years ago, this free event offers a friendly and intimate space with advice from the experts themselves, covering all aspects of fertility treatment.

Building on the success of last year’s event, the show will be running their most popular seminar throughout the day, with exhibitors on-hand to offer confidential advice.

We spoke to the show organisers to find out more.
Future Family Fertility Show

How is your fertility show different?

We listen to feedback from visitors who say the event provides them with a friendly, supportive and intimate space that helps them find the information they need to make the best choices when starting their family.

Last year’s seminar on fertility treatment through the NHS was hugely oversubscribed, so this year we will be offering more information and advice on this topic.

Experts are available throughout the day to give detailed advice on your situation through confidential 1-2-1 adviser slots, which were praised by both exhibitors and visitors. In 2017 we will also be adding more intimate pop-up presentations to the event.

What can we expect on the day?

We bring together 40 of the top companies offering a range of services including fertility clinics, surrogacy agencies, donor banks for egg and sperm, fostering and adoption agencies, and legal advice.

In addition to the personal advice offered by these companies, we also have networks and support groups offering information and advice.

Our 1-2-1 confidential advice sessions were so popular in 2016, that we have increased them for 2017. These sessions offer a private space for visitors to sit down and have a free and confidential chat with as many companies as they wish, to find one that is best matched to their fertility needs. Outside of the My Future Family Fertility Show, these initial consultations can be costly.

What kind of exhibitors do you have?

We’re proud to confirm that fertility expert, London Women’s Clinic and legal firm, Dawson Cornwell both return as partners of the show this year. The London Women’s Clinic has been the main fertility sponsor of the show since its inception nine years ago and we’re delighted to be working so closely with them again. Dawson Cornwell have also been on board for many years as our legal partner. We’ve also just confirmed First 4 Adoption as our adoption partner, which is proving a popular interest this year.
In addition to our partners we have a wide range of fertility clinics, egg and sperm banks, legal providers, fostering & adoption agencies, surrogacy agencies and community network groups. We believe that choice is important and are proud to have a good range of companies available for every fertility option, whether you’re looking in the UK or internationally.

Quick Fertility Facts

  • Around 12% of all NHS infertility cases are related to weight issues
  • There are nearly 3,000 children in the UK waiting to be adopted
  • There is a six-day window during every menstrual cycle during which pregnancy can occur
  • Your chances of getting pregnant start to drop around 15-25% in your early 30s
  • Not everyone qualifies for NHS fertility support in the UK

What do the seminars offer?

We arrange the seminars to offer a range of information to our visitors. Topics include modern fertility methods, egg-sharing information, help on finding the right donor, advice and information on costs and how to make fertility cost-effective. Our seminars are extremely popular and are always fully booked.

Is there anything else of interest?

We’re working on a fertility exhibition, which will bring an interactive and educational aspect to the show. We know that alternative therapies can play an important part in many people’s journey, so we’ll be showcasing various options and will even give our visitors the chance to try out a meditation pod! We know that when starting your future family, it is as important to be mentally ready, as it is to be physically.

NHS or Private?

There is no right or wrong way to go. Fertility options are different for everyone. It is important to investigate all of the options before deciding which route will work for you.


Waiting lists on the NHS can be long, and there are certain criteria for qualifying: if you have been trying for a number of years without success (the current requirement is 3 years), have a healthy BMI and are between 23 and 39.


If you don’t qualify for NHS treatment, or you don’t want to wait then private clinics are available, but can be costly. My Future Family can help you with the options. Find out what options are available and read articles and information on the website. If a more personal approach suits you, visit the annual fertility show in Central London on Saturday 23 September. Details of who will be exhibiting at the show on the day can be found on the website.

You’ve rebranded this year, what was the reasoning behind this?

The show has evolved a lot since starting life as the Alternative Parenting Show in 2008, becoming more popular and attracting people from all walks of life who are looking to start a family. From it’s beginnings with a focus on same-sex parents, the show now contains information for single women, older prospective parents, surrogacy – internationally and in the UK, co-parenting by choice and fostering & adoption.
Language has also evolved and we have seen a growing trend for ‘alternative parenting’ to refer to alternative methods of parenting children. As we focus on alternative routes to creating a family, we decided that ‘My Future Family’ was more relevant – after all everyone attending the show has the same goal: to find the best route to create their future family unit.

As well as an annual fertility show, what else do you offer?

The My Future Family website is a year-round resource with many articles and informative articles around the various options available to start a family using alternative methods.

Throughout the year we work with fertility providers to publish the best advice on starting a family. The show is a great opportunity to talk face-to-face with companies, but we appreciate that this isn’t an option for everyone, so the website is equally as important.

You also created Alternative Family Week. What is that about?

The modern family is no longer based on a traditional family set up. We think this is a positive thing, so we’ve created Alternative Family Week to highlight the different types of family setup that we now see all across the world. Whether it be two Dads, two Mums, one Mum or Dad; single parents; or co-parents – Alternative Family Week aims to educate and celebrate these family types.

Alternative Family Week takes place in the week running up to the My Future Family Show from the 17-22 September. This year, we’re working with P3 Proud Professional Parents to run a series of events around LGBT+ Parents. We welcome anyone else with a focus around alternative family types such as single parents, older parents or co-parents to suggest events, which we can support and promote. More information about Alternative Family Week can be found on the website.

Alternative Family Week culminates in the My Future Family Fertility Show, a free one-day show which takes place in central London on Saturday 23 September 2017 at the Grand Connaught Rooms in Holborn. Entry is free, but pre-registration is recommended.

Get your ticket today: http://bit.ly/FRJul17

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