Fertility Road recently caught up with Dr. Oriane Chausiaux, lead fertility expert at DuoFertility, who was happy to give us the low-down on what to expect from their latest innovation.
Q:  So what’s ‘My-IVF-chances’ all about?
We are really excited to be announcing the launch of our on-line report which will help women and couples who are considering IVF and ICSI as a means to conceive. By using this tool you can find out what matters to you, get personal IVF success rates along with a comprehensive report on what it all means. It also gives you tips and advice on how to maximise your chances of pregnancy.

Q: What do you need to do?
It’s a really easy process where you complete a short survey on line about yourself, your partner, your medical and reproductive history and ‘My-IVF-Chances’ will do the rest by comparing your personal information to a database of thousands of other women who have undergone IVF and ICSI.

Q: Where are you getting the information from?
The great thing about this tool is that it uses the HFEA dataset which hosts records of all IVF cycles since 1992 in the UK, and is updated every time new information is released. Also included in the report sent to you, is your success rate calculated by the Nelson and Templeton Models, which are two academic models developed a few years ago, and are used as an additional point of reference.

Q: How informative is the report?
Your personalised profi le generated by myivfchances.com will allow you, your partner, and your doctor to make informed decisions about whether to start IVF, or whether to choose ICSI. Knowing your personal odds can save you thousands in the long run by arming you with the correct information needed. The report is typically 10 pages long and provides couples information about how to optimise their chances of conception with IVF and for natural conception.

Q: How much does it cost?
The tool is free to use, but we are hoping to encourage people to make a small donation to charity if they have found the report helpful to them as we are working with a number of charities who are interested in supporting this project.
Learn more at www.myivfchances.com
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