Fertility Journeys ProjectAn 8 Week Video Based Holistic Fertility Programme

An 8 Week Video Based Holistic Fertility Programme

As our latest Fertility Road reader begins, founder Kim Sjoblad takes a few minutes to explain the network that sits behind her highly respected Fertility Glow programme.

The specialisation of fertility-based medicine is rapidly expanding into nutritional and complementary medicine as a whole.

When working so intimately at this level, it is critical to have a community of healers from all facets of medicine to help and assist one another in the treatment of one of the most sensitive issues in a couple’s life – the struggle with infertility.

Diet and lifestyle are the most important factors in a person’s health. Both are directly related to our hormonal system, which affects reproductive health, so altering and adjusting these can be one of the keys to increasing fertility and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Infertility rates are on the rise. According to the Pew Research Center, US fertility rates have reached another record low, with one in eight couples currently struggling with infertility. And in the UK that figure is only slightly improved at one in seven.

The Fertility Glow programme has partnered with fertility clinics in Canada and the US and is continuing to offer couples an Integrated Fertility Programme that will give them the tools to improve their health and wellbeing, whilst increasing their chances for conception and sustaining a healthy pregnancy. The programme provides an opportunity for fertility clinics to refer clients for nutritional and lifestyle support to complement the current services and procedures offered in the clinic.


The Fertility Glow is an eight-week online video-based programme that helps teach you, step-by-step, how to:

  1. Transform your health
  2. Calm your mind
  3. Reconnect with your partner
  4. Increase fertility
  5. Enjoy the journey
  6. And get pregnant

Whether you’ve just started to think about conceiving or have been trying for years, the Fertility Glow will guide you step-by-step for eight weeks through a series of comprehensive videos. This programme is designed to transform your mind, body and spirit, all the way of preparing you for a healthy pregnancy.

The Fertility Glow programme and any updates we make along the way are yours for life. You can retake the programme for free for as long as you need.

After successfully helping couples get pregnant in fertility clinics, my hope is that I can now help you do the same.


Our programme will be released in easy-to-follow weekly modules within our private, members-only website. Each module is filled with videos, action guides, resources and recipes.

We’ve broken down the programme into short, digestible videos that range from five to 15 minutes each. You’ll watch and learn from your computer or download materials to your tablet or mobile device and experience the programme in the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace.

Our goal is to make your online learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.


“What a wonderful programme, jam-packed with heaps of information to help couples become the best they can be. This was a wonderful gift in my life and we are forever changed by it. Because of this programme we got pregnant!” Mrs D, Stoney Creek, ON, Canada

“Kim put together a comprehensive programme that was easy to follow and eventually allowed me to achieve my ultimate goal of getting pregnant. Anyone who is experiencing infertility should seriously consider using Kim’s services to optimise their best chances of conceiving, whether naturally or through assisted measures.” Mrs C, Oakville, ON, Canada


Kim is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Holistic Fertility Expert. She created Fertility Glow from her passion for educating and coaching women on improving their health and fertility through holistic methods. Her innovative programme integrates scientific research and a holistic approach that Kim has successfully used herself on her own fertility journey as well as with many women in fertility clinics.

Her unique programme is customised to the needs of both those undergoing IVF procedures and those wishing to work with natural fertility methods. She is excited to now be able to offer this programme online to a global audience.

All of the information in this programme Kim used for her own fertility success and continues to use every day. Her goal is to personally guide you through every aspect of the programme.

You can learn more about the programme and enrol online today.

We are offering all Fertility Road readers an exclusive promotion. The investment for The Fertility Glow is only $397 USD (approximately £285), with the use of promo code ONEFertility2016 (regular price $899 USD).

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