In Your Room, A Poem From An IVF Patient

In your room is where I wait,
The only room we left to decorate.
I flick through books, for things we might buy,
While constantly asking myself, ‘but why?’

In your room is where I pray,
In your room where you might play.
400 needles in my tum,
Worth every bruise, hoping you might come.

I pray for you egg, coz it ‘only takes one’.
I dream of us laughing and sitting in the sun.

In your room I sit and cry
We borrow more money for ‘one last try’.

In your room I wait for lines on a test,
A family we could be and we’ll be the best.

… And if we should fail to make our dreams come true, We’ll forever mourn what should’ve been us and you.

None of it worked btw. 🙁

Kathryn (still childless).

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