Fertility LifeInvitra Feria Valencia Spain October 2013

Invitra Feria Valencia Spain October 2013

inviTRA emerges as a source of support for those who need help to conceive a child.

This is the first Assisted Reproduction Fair to take place in Spain. Year after year many couples travel from other countries to undergo fertility treatments. As a matter of fact, Spain hosts about 40% of European reproductive tourism.

In Great Britain, the law stipulates that everyone has the right to know their origins which implies that donors are not anonymous. For this reason, the number of donors has been decreasing which leads to longer waiting lists. However, this does not happen in Spain where the law stipulates that donors should always remain anonymous, so waiting lists are no longer a problem. This is the reason why so many British couples travel to Spain every year to start their own family.

inviTRA has been conceived for you to spend the weekend of October, 18th – 20th in Valencia, a fantastic city where you can enjoy splendid temperatures and, at the same time, you will get to know the best Spanish fertility clinics in the same venue. There are twenty talks will be held on Saturday and Sunday.

Their subject is directly related to fertility or with complications for having children. More information on the inviTRA seminar are here

The decision of which can be the best clinic for you is very important, especially if you are undergoing a fertility treatment abroad. Therefore, we regard this fair as an excellent opportunity to know the different Spanish fertility clinics in their own country. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

You can get free tickets to the inviTRA show by sending an email to [email protected]

Fertility Road is proud to be sponsoring the inviTRA show.

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