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inviTRA, the assisted reproduction fertility fair November 14-16, at the Hotel Melia (Avenida de Ame?rica)

After a fantastic welcome last year, inviTRA, the assisted reproduction fertility fair, returns with the inviTRA 2014 event taking place in Madrid on the weekend of November 14-16, at the Hotel Melia (Avenida de America).

InviTRA has a very simple purpose – to offer solutions to all people who want to set up a family, and who might, along the way, be experiencing problems in achieving that aim.

No matter what your situation is or who you are – a single woman, single man, heterosexual couple with fertility problems, whether you’re gay or lesbian – at inviTRA 2014 we invite you to talk to expert professionals, each skilled and compassionate in guiding you along the road that leads to starting or extending your family.

First IVF magazine
15 articles about IVF and Donor Conception by top IVF experts worldwide!

In the same place, you’ll be able to visit a variety of Spanish assisted reproduction clinics, and always in direct contact with the main staff. We also have international surrogacy agencies, as well as other companies specialised in fertility.

In addition to the possibility of talking directly to professionals at the stands, inviTRA hosts a lecture room where invited experts offer completely free talks and seminars – simply check our website for the full programme of events. And at the end of each talk we invite those in attendance to ask questions.

As an organisation, we know how difficult it can be to face fertility treatment… not just physically, but from an emotional point of view also. For this reason, we have decided to maintain and improve The inviTRA Area, a place where we can all share personal testimonies and experiences from people who have lived through similar situations. For more information on this and the series of talks, visit

Ultimately, infertility is a delicate subject, and at inviTRA we respect visitors’ privacy, but it is a brilliant meeting place too. Last year, it acted as a fantastic base for people who had only previously chatted across chatrooms, blogs, or perhaps through Twitter to meet face- to-face.

They wanted to hug, embrace and take pictures with these important friends, and this year we even have a photocall area where visitors can sit quietly, build each others’ experiences and, from that, take away priceless memories, and a picture!

And the best thing about inviTRA 2014? Entrance is free! There is also no need to pre-book – simply come along to the Hotel Melia in Avenida de Ame?rica, Madrid, from the 14th to the 16th of November.

We truly look forward to seeing you there.
The inviTRA team

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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15 articles about IVF and Donor Conception by top IVF experts worldwide!