Fertility LifeKinderwunsch Tage - Welcome to Germany's first ever Fertility Show

Kinderwunsch Tage – Welcome to Germany’s first ever Fertility Show

Wishing for a baby is, for many, the single most important thing in their lives.

We have 50 Free Tickets for the kinderwunsch tage fertility show Free Tickets Germany’s first ever consumer focused fertility show is set to take place in Berlin at the MOA Berlin, Mercure Hotel on the 18th – 19th February 2017. Tickets are on sale now for this unique two-day event. With over 60 seminars and 50 exhibitors covering a range of topical issues with information on the latest research and access to some of the leading minds in the fertility world from across the globe.

The show is for anyone and everyone looking to start or extend their family. We’ve worked hard to ensure that, no matter your situation, you’ll come away from the Show with all the information you need for the next stage on your path towards parenthood.

One of the biggest draws for visitors will be the packed seminar schedule where you can meet the leading medical specialists, clinicians, therapists and other professional organisations to find out about the latest treatments and support all in one place. If you’re looking for treatment options both locally and worldwide, complementary therapies, the latest fertility products and technologies, legal advice, networking or reassurance, you’ll find it here.

If you are just starting out, have been trying to conceive or start a family for sometime this one of a kind event in Germany is for you. Whether you are looking for information about your fertility treatment options, surrogacy, nutrition, complementary and natural therapies, or adoption you will find all the information you need.

We also have experts who can advise you on your legal questions surrounding alternative ways to become a parent.

Germany has the second highest number of people travelling for treatment abroad in the whole of Europe (Italy being the greatest) with 80% of people leave due to legal reasons.

The traditional thinking is only married couples in Germany can have fertility treatment paid for by the state or insurance. Anyone who is single, unmarried or from the LGBT community does not have access to any supported fertility treatments and it is still somewhat frowned upon.

The show allows patients in Germany to be able to research, talk, learn and understand more about their local and global options, outside the ‘Google Lottery’ which is where most of their research will be done.

Wishing for a baby is, for many, the single most important thing in their lives. Therefore, getting the right fertility treatment is absolutely crucial. We all want, need and demand the very best medical advice and ancillary services.


Here are some of the 60 experts booked to talk at the event:
• Dr Andreeßen – Samenbank Berlin
• Prof. Dr med. Heribert Kentenich –
Fertility Center Berlin
• Dr med. David J. Peet – Praxis fu?r Fertilität
• Dr med Petr Uher PhD – Karlsbad Fertility
• Claudia Bru?gge – DI-Netz
• Robert Milnes – OvuSense
• Irmhild Heinz-Schröder – Cluster Diagnostik
• Sharada Devi – Sharada Devi
• Dr. Brandon Bankowski – Oregon Reproductive Medicine
• Dr Natalia Szlarb – IVF Spain

• Endometriosis
• Male Fertility
• Egg Donation
• Emotional wellbeing
• Surrogacy
• Traveling for treatment

18TH – 19TH FEBRUARY 2017
MOA Berlin, Mercure Hotel, Berlin.

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