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Little Bud Competition

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Male & Female Fertility Formulas

Specially formulated Maca based fertility supplements for those trying to conceive.

Our bespoke formulations are packed full of key nutrients and vitamins, proven to support your body’s natural reproductive health and have been created in collaboration with Associate Professor and clinical nutritionist Dr Adam Cunliffe, PHD (RNutr).

Female Fertility Supplement: Our natural fertility formula concentrates on key nutrients to support healthy conception and preparation for pregnancy.

Our blend combines Maca with an essential mix of vitamins & minerals (including Zinc, vitamin D & 400ug of Folic Acid (in naturally occuring Folate) as recommended by the UK Department of Health), With the addition of cordyceps, muira puama and clear water sea kelp to support your body’s natural fertility both physically and mentally.

Male Fertility Supplement: In the men’s blend, Maca is combined with key nutrients to support healthy conception with added ingredients; zinc, selenium, l-carnitine, pycnogenol, cordyceps, muira puama and Ashwagandha. This unique formulation contains a range of bioactive compounds which research suggests can enhance libido whilst improving sperm quality and function.

What’s up for grabs?

10 winners / prizes

His and her supplements (double back) for three months.

Retail equivalent £144.

Little Bud Competition
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Little Bud Competition

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