Fertility LifeA Look Back At Victoria And Ross

A Look Back At Victoria And Ross

Many couples have been helped to start their own families through this initiative and for all those who still have doubts about whether to try it or not, we want to recall the story of Victoria and Ross, former participants, who are now happy parents.
Victoria (45) and Ross (38) came to us after a failed attempt at IVF treatment with the hope of being able to have a child together. Victoria is already a mother of a wonderful child from a previous relationship but found that now, later in her life, it was being difficult to conceive again.
When we met the couple through their application for the Fertility Journeys project, they had been through 2 miscarriages together and a failed attempt to conceive in a clinic in Cyprus, where they had put a considerable amount of faith and expectations with which, according to the couple, weren’t met.
With the understanding of the feelings that this journey can cause, the team (led by Dr. Alicia Álvarez) decided to study their case in depth and work out a different treatment strategy that would definitely work.
At IVF Spain we believe in strategising carefully and using cutting edge technology to test and, if needed, treat all the manageable factors of fertility that can get in the way of achieving a pregnancy, so that the patient needs the minimum amount of transfers (we aim at one) in order to become pregnant.
Last but not least, we did also make a difference with their previous experience in the way Victoria and Ross were treated at our clinic.


A Look Back At Victoria And Ross
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