January 2015 saw the UK launch of Androferti, which has been tested in clinical trials to show it can improve sperm quality and increase pregnancy rates. It has been used across Europe for many years by couples trying to conceive spontaneously, and by those who want to increase their chances of success with assisted fertility treatment.

Nutrition and supplements are widely used to try to improve sperm quality, mostly based on research into individual ingredients. The clinical studies showing Androferti’s benefits are based on its unique formulation of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants which takes account of how those ingredients react with each other within the body.

Androferti has been shown to increase sperm count and concentration. It also improves the sperm’s ability to swim towards the egg and its capacity to fertilise it when it reaches it.


Purple Orchid launched Androferti in January in the UK and is delighted to be supporting couples through their fertility journeys with Fertility Road’s unique project.

Couples who know that there is a problem with sperm count, concentration, motility or physical flaws are most likely to benefit from this treatment. It does not matter if the couple have started assisted fertility treatment or not.

It is recommended that Androferti is taken twice a day for six months to allow it to optimise two complete cycles of spermatogenesis. Benefits have been shown at one month and three months and continue to improve over the six months.

A key factor in Androferti’s formulation is the dose of L-carnitine, which improves sperm mobility – it contains less than in many products. Studies have shown that L-carnitine absorption reaches a saturation point at 2g. When it has more than 2g, the body flushes it out faster than it absorbs it, so it ends up with less available to be used. Androferti has 1.5g to allow for L-carnitine found in food, and is taken twice a day because the level of it in the body diminishes over a 12-hour period, so it needs to be replenished.

Sperm quality is also crucial. The sperm head can be damaged with tiny cavities called vacuoles, which have been associated with implantation failures and some forms of miscarriage.

Spermatozoa are graded from I to IV with IV being the most vacuolised. A study of antioxidant therapy showed Androferti reduced the number of high grade (III and IV) vacuoles.

Genetic damage can also be an issue – Androferti reduces the number of sperm with single DNA fragmentation, and the rate at which the DNA degenerates. This is especially helpful to fertility clinics because treatment with Androferti allows them to collect a sample from which there is a greater selection of high quality sperm, which can be preserved for longer before it is used, with greater resistance to freezing.

Fully-funded sperm parameter tests will be taken at the beginning of the couple’s journey, and after three months, then six months, to measure improvements.

Purple Orchid has always carried forward a vision of empowering women to take care of themselves through their reproductive years from puberty through motherhood to menopause, providing a fertility range, chlamydia tests and effective, natural treatments for maintaining vaginal health, breastfeeding and urology. Now, with this groundbreaking men’s product, Androferti, the self-care company, looks forward to guiding a couple through their journey in 2015, and are thrilled to be working with Fertility Road on this project.