As we all know Mothers Day is coming up this Sunday. Some of you will be eagerly anticipating its arrival, others are resenting it’s existence!
For those of us who are blessed with children, it is a day to enjoy being a Mum. It is a day to celebrate motherhood, be pampered and spoiled, especially if you have young children who still get such a kick out of looking after Mum for the day.
But for those who are still battling to realise their dream of motherhood and those who have resigned themselves to knowing they will never have their own children, Mothers Day is a tough pill to swallow. There will always be times in life that make being childless more difficult and Mothers Day is one of them.
For me, Mothers Day is bitter-sweet. After my long battle with infertility, I now have two precious children in my life who spoil me rotten and treat me like a princess on Mothers Day. It is a day they look forward to as much as I do. The downside for me is that I no longer have my own Mother to share Mothers Day with. My Mum lost her battle with cancer at the young age of 55, almost 13 years ago. 13 Mothers days that I have not been able to share with her and thank her for being a wonderful, caring Mum. I know she is with me every day though and I am sure on Mothers Day she will be looking down on me and my family with a big smile.
I hope that EVERYONE can enjoy Mothers Day this Sunday, whether it may be with your children, or spending time with your Mum. Whichever the case may be, make the most of it, focus on the now and don’t lose sight of the future.
Wishing you all the very best in your journey. Jen