Fertility 360 Nova IVI Fertility celebrate 25,000 pregnancies and is looking...

Nova IVI Fertility celebrate 25,000 pregnancies and is looking further afield


India is one of the most affordable destinations for in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and other infertility treatments anywhere in the world. In a country with over 500 individual infertility treatment centres, it is no mean achievement that Nova IVI Fertility (NIF) has achieved remarkable success, rapidly become one of the largest and most influential service providers in the world-wide fertility market.

In only its seventh year since inception, NIF has successfully completed over 50,000* cycles and has recently achieved 25,000* pregnancies (*Based on internal data)

This dramatic rise has been due, in part to NIF’s strategic partnership with the Spanish Group IVI Fertility, a global leader in assisted fertility treatment. The enhanced programme of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) which is offered throughout India has resulted in a substantial addition to Nova’s IVF services and technology, including proprietary software, training and quality management.

In addition to providing core procedures such as IUI, IVF and Andrology services, NIF offers several state-of-the-art technologies such as Vitrification for preserving embryos and eggs, Embryoscope and ERA to find out the timing of the uterus’ capacity to accept embryos. All procedures that significantly improve the chances of a pregnancy following IVF-ICSI, even in patients with multiple previous failures.

With IVI’s know-how and vast international expertise, NIF is able to bring the same exceptional standard of processes, protocols and policies to India.

Unparalleled Support

Whilst India has seen a significant rise in the number of patients opting for fertility treatment, the numbers are still significantly lower than those that actually require medical intervention. One of the major reasons for this is the lack of awareness amongst the public about the basic concept that infertility is a disease which needs to be addressed medically.

NIF takes its role as one of India’s leading fertility treatment providers seriously and for this reason invests substantial time and resources into both raising awareness of infertility and ensuring that its service is delivered appropriately and sensitively.

It was launched with the commitment to offer standardised and ethically based fertility treatment, as well as addressing the urgent need for an authoritative and respected brand leader to assume the responsibility for developing the country’s strategic response to the ever increasing incidence of infertility related issues.

This commitment runs throughout the organisation and staff at NIF are trained to be both sensitive and responsive to patients who are often vulnerable and experiencing high levels of anxiety as they progress through fertility treatment. Impressively, Nova offers qualified counsellors (each with a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology or Clinical Counselling) who provide guidance and support at every step in the patient’s journey.

International Work

Treatment is by no means cheap. Having repeated cycles of treatment can add to the costs and prices can inflate easily. NIF believes in fixed pricing; every treatment is created as a package and patients are provided with an all-inclusive cost – there are no hidden charge, no nasty surprises! This is particularly useful for international patients as it makes it easier to plan and budget for treatment. In addition, international patients are offered;

  • Visa assistance
  • Flight arrangements and extensions
  • Airport transfer service
  • Scheduling of all medical appointments
  • Coordination of the admission process
  • Cost estimates for anticipated treatment
  • Assistance in hotel/service apartment booking
  • Providing language translators for select languages
  • Telemedicine facilities for consultations and follow up with doctors
  • Foreign exchange

​In the UK, Nova IVI Fertility is pleased to be working in collaboration with the International Fertility Company (www.internationalfertilitycompany.com); providing a unique and ground breaking service for UK couples seeking to travel to India to address their specific fertility needs.


If you are interested in talking to a representative from Nova IVI Fertility; arranging a skype conversation or meeting our team at one of the events we are attending in 2019/20, please use the contact details below;


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