Fertility LifePamela & Ian share their very personal fertility journey story

Pamela & Ian share their very personal fertility journey story

My name is Pamela I’m 36 and live with my husband Ian who’s 39 in Scotland. I want to tell you about our story which unfortunately is still awaiting a Fairytale ending.

Ian and I met through friends when I was 17 and he was 20 and we knew instantly we would be together for a long time if not forever.

I was diagnosed with PCOS at 13 and was told by my doctor that I would need help when I was to start trying for a baby.

We started trying to conceive when I was 19 and I suffered my first miscarriage at 21 which was so heartbreaking as we thought we would be looking forward to a healthy pregnancy with a baby at the end.

We didn’t try again for a few years as I was so scared the same thing would happen but at the age of 25, I was rushed to hospital with an Ectopic pregnancy. As you can imagine this was devastating news for us. The thought of having an embryo still in your tube that can no longer grow and has to be removed was really hard to deal with.

At 26 we started attending a fertility clinic and we both had all the tests under the sun to try and find a reason as to why things were not going to plan and thankfully everything came back normal. I even had a womb biopsy done to check for NK cells which came back with the result that I should be able to carry a baby. We had Clomid tablets for 3 months but during the last month, I miscarried. To make things worst I had another miscarriage 6 weeks after and had to have an operation to have the amniotic sac removed.

Between then and the end of last year we had 2 failed IVF attempts and 6 miscarriages. Last year in September we had a frozen embryo transfer which failed and was very heartbreaking for us both as we had pinned our hopes on it working. We had limited funds left and only manage to transfer 1 embryo of the ones we had frozen the other 2 died within seconds of the thaw.

I have contacted the MP for public health and the NHS as Scotland now gives patients 3 cycles of IVF but as they changed the guidelines in April only new patients will be entitled to 3 IVF cycles which I feel is unfair.

So now I have to concentrate along with Ian on trying to conceive naturally whilst saving as hard as we can to have more infertility treatment in the future. This is a real challenge as it’s so expensive and we may need to give up eventually. At the moment I’m using an Ovusense ovulation monitor to track when and if I ovulate and also concentrating on us both getting as healthy as possible.

I wish everyone out there struggling to conceive the best of luck. I know how hard this journey is but I have to keep fighting on and baby dust to all of you.

As we are trying to self-fund our next fertility treatment we have set up a Go Fund Me page to try and raise funds to help us start a family.
Pamela and Ian

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