Fertility Road Announce Fertility Journey Partnership with FIV Marbella and Dexeus Mujer

Fertility Road the market leading fertility magazine and digital resource is pleased to announce new partnerships with two of Europe’s leading fertility clinics, FIV Marbella and Dexeus Mujer based in Barcelona. Together with its sister charity, The Fertility Foundation, Fertility Road is now offering unparalleled access to UK and overseas fertility services for thousands of couples denied treatment because of financial constraints.
The clinics have joined the Fertility Journeys Project, which was the first UK initiative to address the unequal access to fertility services resulting from the so-called ‘IVF postcode lottery’ which has come to symbolise the UK’s response to increasing infertility rates amongst men and women of all ages.
The project which is now in its firth year has enabled couples to access fully funded IVF treatment in some of the best fertility clinics in the world. Their candid, emotional and sometimes painful experiences are then captured by Fertility Road as each step of their journey is shared with readers.
Fertility Road Managing Editor, Andrew Coutts explains the rationale behind the ground-breaking project;
“Infertility has been shrouded in secrecy for too long; it is one of the great silent taboos and we wanted to destigmatise it; the project demonstrates what goes on behind the doors of a fertility clinic; helps patients understand the emotional and practical impact of treatment and allows the best fertility clinics to showcase the support and options they have to offer to those Trying to Conceive
The Fertility Journey Project demonstrates Fertility Road team’s commitment to increasing access to fertility treatment for those couples in most need and less able to afford it. Alongside The Fertility Foundation, the first registered charity of its kind in the UK which offers additional funded fertility treatments Fertility Road has become the leading ‘Go to’ organisation for anyone seeking fertility treatment support in both the UK and overseas”
Fiv Marbella and Dexeus Mujer join existing Fertility Journey partners, Herts & Essex Fertility Centre and Gennet City Fertility Clinic in the UK; Redia IVF Travel in association with the Mediterranean Fertility Institute and clinics from Spain, Norway and the United States who have contributed to the initiative.
Coutts continues;
“We choose our partners very carefully to ensure we work with the very best. Our clinic Journey partners share our ambition to grow, to educate and to offer those at any stage along the journey the very best advice, guidance, information and inspiration so that they may make informed decisions.
The clinics approach the project with honesty and transparency; we celebrate with them and the patient when things go well but equally we respect and share their disappointment when things unfortunately do not.
We do not want to glamorise fertility treatment in any way, shape or form; we reflect fertility treatment as it really is; the tests, the diagnosis, the drugs, the waiting – complete with agony and ecstasy; and hopefully go some way to prepare prospective patients as they consider or enter treatment”.
About FIV Marbella
FIV Marbella has established itself as one of the leading exponents in assisted reproductive science in Europe. Offering the fusion of technology, experience, high quality treatment and laboratory protocols the clinic brings together medical professionals with over 20 years’ experience in Assisted Reproduction.
About Dexeus Mujer
Established in Barcelona over 80 years ago the clinic specialises in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine. It has a significant track record in the development of fertility services in Spain being responsible for the first Spanish baby conceived through in vitro fertilization (1984) and the first in the country to achieve the birth of a baby as a result of egg donation treatment (1988).
About Fertility Road magazine
Packed with original content, every writer with Fertility Road has experienced some of the pain and frustration of infertility, and such a base of knowledge has driven the title to unprecedented success, as well as provoking the sort of reader interaction that can make a profound difference to those looking for answers.