Fertility Road Magazine Welcomes Oregon Reproductive Medicine Onto It’s Fertility Journeys Project

(Fertility Road Magazine — November 11, 2015) — The world’s leading fertility magazine welcomes a new partner, Oregon Reproductive Medicine onto its groundbreaking Fertility Journeys project, within which they will fund one individual or couple’s egg donation programme.

With the news that, in May of this year, Fertility Road magazine celebrated the birth of three babies to couples who participated in last year’s fertility journey project, the world’s largest fertility magazine is delighted to welcome in Oregon Reproductive Medicine as our first US IVF clinic Fertility Journeys partner.

Located in Portland, Oregon in the beautiful and peaceful Pacific Northwest, Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM) has been helping create families since 1989. Founded with the goal of building the best fertility programme possible, ORM is recognised globally for its consistently high live birth success rates and individualised care, and are committed to innovation that benefits its patients and helps achieve the best outcomes – it has a 90% live birth rate with over 70% twins in our donor egg surrogacy programme.

ORM’s global practice is lead by Dr. John Hesla and Dr. Brandon Bankowski, who have helped patients from over 40 countries create their families. Both completed their training at Johns Hopkins Hospital – ranked no.1 in US reproductive medicine for 20 years – and are recognised internationally for their professional excellence and commitment to improving their patients’ reproductive care.

ORM’s industry-leading embryology laboratory clean room and in-house state-of-the-art genomics programme help their patients achieve consistently high live birth rates and improve the genetic health of their families.  The 100-strong ORM family includes embryologists, genetic counsellors, psychologists, patient coordinators, donor coordinators and financial counsellors among others. ORM has an in-house egg donation programme and specialists expert in helping manage surrogacy journeys and solve complicated fertility cases.

As part of the Fertility Journeys project, one selected couple or individual will match with a fully-screened donor through ORM’s in-house egg donor programme, to include the cost of the egg retrieval, IVF and transfer procedures, and related medications. The recipient(s) also benefit from consulting with ORM’s genetic counsellors when matching with an ORM egg donor.

For more information on ORM email [email protected] Specialists are available for comment and interview regarding this year’s Fertility Journeys project.

Tone Jarvis, Publisher of Fertility Road, said: “Again, it’s great to welcome such a pioneering name into the Fertility Journeys project. Although published in the UK, the fact Fertility Road has signed two leading US partners in the past month – in Oregon Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Glow – proves that fertility is truly a global challenge, and one that, for many couples, can ultimately be overcome.

“The success of Fertility Journeys has courted TV, radio, magazine and newspaper headlines worldwide, and we believe that with Oregon Reproductive Medicine on board the impact this incredible project has will only spread further.”

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