PGT-A (PGS): Costs Abroad Guide

PGT-A / PGS costs abroad guide

PGT-A (Pre-implantation genetic testing for aneuploidy) is a test which is used to identify abnormalities in the number of chromosomes in embryos. It was previously known as Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) and is a test which is gaining in popularity with patients across the world. The use of PGT-A is debated to this day despite […]

Egg freezing abroad guide

Egg freezing abroad guide

A woman’s chance of conceiving naturally declines with age. By her mid thirties a women’s egg quality has begun to deteriorate and her egg count will have decreased to the point where it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve and maintain a pregnancy. The decline increases and by her early forties the vast majority of women […]

IVF for the over 50s

IVF over 50 best clinics

If you a woman over 50 and looking to begin or continue IVF treatment it might be tempting to throw the towel in. Age and success rates seem to be against you and treatment opportunities might appear to be few and far between. But is that really the case? Should you accept defeat and turn […]

IVF Success Rate Calculators Reviewed – Can they really predict your IVF outcome?

IVF success rates calculator

If you are considering fertility treatment, there is a good chance that you have been frantically Googling IVF success rates. An IVF success rate is, in a nutshell, the chances of a successful pregnancy resulting in a live birth. This figure takes into account factors including your age, the cause of your infertility, whether you […]

How long do you need to take progesterone after IVF?

IVF Questions Answered by Experts

Here we share some of our fertility experts’ answers. Progesterone prepares the lining of the endometrium to help the embryo implant. When you’re going through IVF treatment, fertility experts prescribe progesterone starting from the time of the egg retrieval, and once you get pregnant, it is advisable to continue. For how long should you be […]

Egg donation abroad: anonymous donor VS non-anonymous donor VS known donor


Many more people are considering egg donation abroad, and from my own experience of helping people undergo this treatment since I moved abroad in 2004, and then set up IVF Treatment Abroad in 2009 to now, the numbers are increasing each year, the Covid-19 pandemic being the one thing that has altered this trend. People […]

Questions to ask your clinic before going abroad for IVF

Questions to ask your clinic before going abroad for IVF

Contemplating IVF abroad can feel like a leap of faith. Research is the key. The better informed you are, the more empowered you’ll feel. One of your key sources of information will be the clinic you’re considering for your treatment. Reputable clinics abroad will give you the opportunity to ask all of your questions in […]

Why do UK patients travel abroad for IVF?

Why do UK patients travel abroad for IVF?

I had my first (and last) cycle of IVF abroad in 2016 and I chose to go abroad for a variety of reasons, having not met the UK NHS criteria for NHS funded treatment. In my view, going abroad for fertility treatment is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many UK fertility patients. Let’s take […]

Egg Donation – Considerations from both recipient and donor perspectives

Egg Donation - Considerations from both recipient and donor perspectives

Your pathway to parenthood with egg donation may seem quite straightforward in a practical way, the eggs are collected from a young, healthy donor, fertilized with the sperm of your choice and the resulting embryo transferred when the conditions are optimal to give a pregnancy the best chance of success; but here we will consider […]

Egg donation – what I wish I’d known

Egg donation – what I wish I’d known

Sheila shares her valuable insights into being a mother to her donor-conceived daughter. Sheila talks to Fertility Road about what she wished she’d known prior to taking the egg donor route to parenthood. Here she explores her thoughts and feelings before, during and after donor IVF. Fertility Road: Sheila, thank you so much for talking […]

Donor Conception is different – part 1

Donor Conception is different

Donors, difference and decision-making This is the first of a three-part series, with Parts 2 and 3 appearing in the next editions of Fertility Road magazine. What the series aims to do is to explore how donor conception is different, how that might feel and what the implications might be at different stages in family […]

How to thrive and not simply survive a long and challenging fertility journey

Long challenging fertility journey

Emma & Angus Menzies began their fertility journey over ten years ago. Years of investing both financially and emotionally in invasive tests, IUI, IVF, ICSI, and virtually every treatment ‘add-on’ possible has sadly resulted in recurrent miscarriage, pain and heartbreak. And yet, they stand strong together having found the positives in an otherwise cripplingly disappointing […]

What am I entitled to as an employee going through fertility treatment?

What am I entitled to as an employee going through fertility treatment?

The word ‘entitlement’ carries so much weight in the world of work. When you are sick you want to know what you are ‘entitled’ to in terms of pay. When you have time off for a planned operation you need to know your entitlements on a supportive working plan when you come back to work. […]

How improved nutrition can help avoid miscarriage

How improved nutrition can help avoid miscarriage

Miscarriage is far more common than many people realise. An estimated one in four women experience miscarriage and one in three hundred have had three or four miscarriages. Suffering a miscarriage is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a woman, and to her partner. A miscarriage can occur after natural conception […]

How acupuncture can help you during IVF

Acupuncture IVF help

Over the last 20+ years, there has been increased understanding of and respect for the practice of acupuncture. Acupuncture has become an accepted adjunct to Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ARTs). Traditional Chinese Medicine, of which acupuncture is just one part, is a highly sophisticated system of diagnosing and treating patients. It might sound unusual because acupuncturists […]

How old is too old for IVF?

How old is too old for IVF?

In this article, I will explain how age affects fertility for both men and women. Female fertility Let’s start with talking about female fertility. Women are born with around 250,000 eggs and throughout their life, from when they have their first period to when they reach the menopause the body draws on these – you […]

IVF techniques to help male factor infertility

IVF techniques to help male factor infertility 17

Whilst around one in six heterosexual couples fail to conceive after 12 months of regular intercourse (the medical definition of infertility), around half will go on to conceive without treatment in the second year of trying. Fertility testing and the three aspects of conception To assess whether continuing trying naturally or moving on to treatment […]

IVF Stimulation – potential side effects revealed

IVF Stimulation – potential side effects revealed 19

Many people considering undertaking IVF have concerns about the potential side-effects of the hormone stimulation medication involved. Clare: Many thanks Arianna for talking to us at Fertility Road about this important topic. Let’s start with discussing the most commonly used hormone stimulation drugs in IVF? How do Gonadotropins work? What’s their role in the IVF […]

Egg collection: a beginner’s guide

Egg collection: a beginner’s guide 21

The one part of the IVF journey I find patients fear most is the egg collection stage, especially in their first cycle. It is easy to see why of course as it is the most invasive step of the whole procedure and some form of sedation is normally given, which for many women is their […]

How can I make my first IVF successful?

IVF Questions Answered by Experts

Here we share some of our fertility experts’ answers. Answer from:Raúl Olivares, MD Gynaecologist, Medical Director & Owner Barcelona IVFTo be honest, in regard to improving the quality of gametes (egg cells) and therefore improving the quality of the embryos that we transfer, there is very little that you can do. However, we still recommend […]

IVF abroad: It’s not as scary as you may think!

IVF abroad: It’s not as scary as you may think

When I tell people I travelled to the middle east for IVF treatment, their eyes usually become really big and they ask if I’m joking. When I tell them I’m serious, they usually ask if I’m crazy. But it’s not crazy. In fact, thousands of women each year travel outside of their home country to […]

IVF treatment abroad – Popular European destinations revealed

IVF treatment abroad - popular European destinations revealed

The number of fertility patients travelling to European countries for IVF treatment has been steadily increasing over the last decade. But why travel abroad when most countries offer fertility treatment to their own citizens? Reasons for these reproductive journeys are manifold. My own research and several existing studies (Frankfurth 2020; Whittaker, Inhorn, Shenfield 2019) from […]

How to talk to your donor- conceived child about their conception

How to talk to your donor-conceived child about their conception

Fertility Road: Carmen, thank you so much for sharing your expertise on this topic. What would you suggest as a starting point for parents of a donor-conceived child? How can they best start preparing themselves to share the truth with their child? Carmen: Often, there is a long string of failed pregnancies, in-vitro’s, negative beta […]

Donor Conception Matters

Egg Donation - Considerations from both recipient and donor perspectives

Thinking of taking the egg and/or sperm donor route? Here’s what you should be considering as part of your decision… There are many matters to consider when considering if donor conception is right for you; those considerations aren’t though just about you. If you’re in a relationship there is your partner, your wider family, especially […]

Egg Sharing: A win-win approach

IVF egg sharing explained

What is egg sharing? Egg sharing is when a woman who is already having IVF donates some of her eggs to the clinic where she’s having treatment, usually in return for some free or discounted treatment. In order for an egg share to take place, the clinic needs to be able to collect enough eggs […]

Embryo donation explained

Embryo donation explained

Where donor embryos really come from and what are the prospects for recipient patients? About one in six couples is affected by some degree of sub fertility/infertility. The reasons are either female or male problems or a combination of both. The treatment is usually In-Vitro fertilisation or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF/ICSI) which involves the stimulation […]

How IVF helps disabled couples when TTC – Patient’s Story

How IVF helps disabled couples

When Tom suffered life-changing injuries in a car accident aged 29, he was told by doctors that he’d never have children. 11 years later when Tom met the love of his life, Joanna they bravely decided to embark on IVF – Tom’s only chance of fathering children. Here, they share their story… Clare: Joanna & […]

Mild stimulation IVF and natural Cycle IVF

Mild stimulation IVF and Natural Cycle IVF

Clare: Geeta, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us at Fertility Road. Please can we start with you explaining what Mild IVF is? Geeta: It’s a pleasure to talk with you, Clare. Mild Stimulation IVF presents a gentler and safer alternative to conventional IVF treatment. In Mild IVF, lower dosages […]

How to talk to your employer about your fertility treatment

How to talk to your employer about your fertility treatment

As co-founder of Fertility Matters at Work and also a previous fertility patient myself, I know how scary it can be disclosing to your employer that you’re going to need time off for fertility treatment. In my previous role as a HR professional, it wasn’t until I went through this experience that I realised just […]