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Success with Frozen Embryo Transfer

frozen egg transfer fertility road.

Frozen Embryo transfer is the practice of taking a previously frozen embryo, thawed and implanted into a prepared uterus to grow through the normal gestation period until birth.

Infertility can be devastating to couples who are trying to have their own baby. If you are a couple having issues trying to conceive, you know that IVF treatments can be an expensive proposition depending on the route you take.

Usually, a couple trying to conceive through IVF may need at least 2 separate cycles before they can deliver a baby boy or girl. If multiple eggs are harvested, they can be preserved and implanted if the first attempt does not produce the desired results.

During the procedure of extracting the eggs, they are fertilized and grown in a controlled environment for 5 to 6 days. Once the fertilized eggs mature to a certain stage, some are selected to be preserved for future use if they are needed.

Because cryopreservation can be conducted at various stages, there can be different embryos preserved and used depending on viability. If the embryo is frozen immediately after fertilization, the chances for the embryo to survive when thawed seems to be higher but its viability may be questionable until it has been grown in the lab. And although It is impossible to predict any results until the embryo is grown and implanted within the womb, the techniques used may not result in a new baby after the first or second time.

In summary, success with frozen embryo transfer has come a long way in providing viable embryos for IVF, but the ultimate test is the success rate of having a healthy baby in earlier attempts. Couples have to have the financial means to pay for the IVF process, so the earlier the success the more people will be able to afford the procedure.

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