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The silence on men’s health: A UK and US analysis

A recent study has revealed a lack of coverage on men’s health issues across major magazines in the UK and US.This may have come...

Secondary Infertility: We Hear From Two Couples Who Struggled the Second Time Around

When you’ve just had a baby, the experience tends to make you go one of two ways: you either want to repeat the process again immediately, or you are determined to make contraception your best chum from here to eternity.

Male Infertility is a Much More Common Problem Than Many People Realise

Infertility is usually thought of largely as a female issue. When a couple are struggling to conceive, or ‘trying’ to have a baby, it...

FertilAid For Men One Of The Best Male Fertility Supplements Available In The UK

A comprehensive supplement formulated and manufactured by Fairhaven Health and clinically demonstrated for improving sperm health has shown impressive results, however. FertilAid for Men includes...

The Fertility Road – Can We Make It A Bit Shorter And Straighter?

Jonathan Ramsay has developed a large practice in male fertility for over 30 years. He has been a Consultant Urologist at Hammersmith, Charing Cross and Chelsea & Westminster Hospitals since 1988 and is a visiting urologist to fertility clinics in Buckinghamshire, Sussex, and Central London.

Brexit Sperm News

At the time of publication of this edition of Fertility Road, the UK will most likely still be in the midst of confusion and uncertainty over what will become of Brexit.

The Art of Male Fertility Testing

When it comes to fertility problems, it is a sad fact that some GPs, will go gung-ho into investigating the female partner, whilst the male is often left on the side-lines with no investigations.

The Essential Guide For Dads To Be

Most “Dads to Be” don’t even think about their own fertility, until they decide to start trying for a family and have trouble conceiving.

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Gennima IVF partner with Fertility Road to offer one couple Free IVF Treatment

We’d like to welcome leading Athens based clinic, Gennima IVF to our fertility journey programme who are offering one...
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Quironsalud partners with Fertility Road to offer Free IVF Treatment

With more than 90 centres Quironsalud is the largest hospital group in Spain and the third-largest in Europe. It...

Fertility at Work

In the UK, It is estimated that 1 in 7 couples will have a problem conceiving. Whilst employees in...

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