Are IVF Babies More Precious?

IVF Babies

Given the complex combination of emotions that IVF treatment triggers, Kate Brian explores the possibility that babies created this way might have an extra psychological pull on a mother.

The Invisible Man Unveiling the male experience of infertility at Fertility Fest 2019

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man Thursday 25 April 2019, 7pm, Barbican London Tickets £10 Book your tickets When Gabby’s husband first set foot in a small room at the top of the London Women’s Clinic for their first IVF support group meeting, he whispered: “I’ll just sit at the back and let you talk” and then […]

Fertility Forum – Bringing professionals and public together

Fertility Forum

If you’ve ever had questions about your fertility or your treatment options, you’ll know how difficult it can be to get definite answers about what makes a difference. Is freezing your eggs a good idea if you’re worried about leaving it too late to try to get pregnant? How much difference could changing your diet […]

FERTILITY ROAD EXCLUSIVE: House of Lords discuss ten-year egg freezing limit

Egg Freezing

Sarah Williams is a Barrister and fertility and surrogacy law expert at Vardags. We all know that a woman’s fertility decreases as she gets older, and the quality and number of her eggs decline. Egg freezing is a method of preserving a woman’s fertility by freezing her eggs when she is young and the quality […]

Families Thru Surrogacy return to UK & Ireland for their 2019 seminars

Real People, Eggs, Honesty

The key players in third party reproduction are not in fact the doctors, embryologists and fertility lawyers you are paying. They are the surrogates, egg donors, intended parents and their support networks. So it is surprising that few fertility seminars put the experiences of these players front and centre. Families Through Surrogacy’s events explore not […]

The Fertility Road team head to Toronto in February for the Canadian Fertility Show

The Fertility Road team head to Toronto in February for the Canadian Fertility Show

The Canadian Fertility Show is preparing for its second annual event on 23 February 2019. The event focusses on couples in all stages of their fertility journey by bringing together professionals from as many different disciplines as possible with the aim of providing education and teaching across a wide range of fertility related topics. There […]

Stop press! Fertility Fest is back in 2019 for the biggest festival yet at the Barbican

Fertility Fest 2019

Founded in 2016 by arts producers and former IVF patients, Jessica Hepburn and Gabby Vautier, it has now grown from a two-day festival to four weeks at the world renowned Barbican arts centre with a series of smaller satellite festivals taking place nationally and internationally including The Fertility Show in Manchester and London and ESHRE […]

Free IVF Treatment And 50 Free Initial Consultations With Gennet City Fertility Clinic

City Fertility

At Gennet City Fertility we offer you bespoke fertility treatment using an individualised approach and cutting-edge technologies. Our promise to you is that we will look thoroughly into your fertility difficulties; that we will use state of the art treatment protocols and technologies, and when appropriate, we will also ‘think outside the box’. The members […]

Mediterranean Fertility Institute Offer One Couple Free Fertility Treatment

Free Fertility Treatment With Redia IVF Travel

Our new fertility journey partners Mediterranean Fertility Institute are offering one couple the chance to receive free egg donation or IVF treatment at their clinic in Crete. IVF Travel came to life under the initiative of Dimitris Kavakas who after several years of consulting experience in medical travel and specifically fertility travel, wanted to offer […]

21 Miles: Swimming in Search of the Meaning of Motherhood

21 miles

I sometimes feel ashamed of admitting that I went through eleven rounds of IVF. Yes, ELEVEN. By any account, it’s the extreme end of the fertility treatment spectrum. It remains a lasting symbol of the depths of desperation and despair that my pursuit of motherhood took me to which I wrote about in my first […]

Fertility Tourism – The new fertility frontier

Fertility Tourism

The rise of fertility tourism across Europe has provided countries such as Spain, the Czech Republic and Greece with a lucrative income at a time when other industries have fallen by the wayside and economies have struggled. With demand for cost-effective IVF treatment as high as ever, countries that have established a strong reputation in […]

Surrogacy in the UK

Surrogacy In The UK

With all the recent Newspaper headlines about celebrity couples using surrogacy as a way of creating or extending their families, it is perhaps unsurprising that the number of couples exploring surrogacy as an option in the UK is on the increase. However, it is important for those considering surrogacy to remember that many of these […]

Surrogates Extraordinary Generosity Provides Family to Hundreds

Hannah Bailey

There have been huge changes in surrogacy availability in recent years. UK couples have in the past engaged in Thailand, India, Nepal and Cambodia. But these countries have now closed their doors to foreign surrogacy, pushing renewed interest in surrogacy in the UK. Deanne Hart has a condition which meant she was born without a […]

Starting Your Surrogacy Journey… 8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Organised

Starting Your Surrogacy Journey... 8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Organised

Craig Reisser, a parent via egg donation and surrogacy in the USA, shares some advice for intended parents who are looking for guidance on how to start their surrogacy journeys. When my partner and I decided that we were ready to become parents through egg donation and surrogacy in the USA we didn’t really know […]

Oregon Reproductive Medicine Introduce Their Couple Heather and Brandon

Heather And Brandon Smiling

The team at Oregon Reproductive Medicine has selected a couple to be part of our unique Fertility Journeys project. We are delighted to introduce Heather and Brandon, who after a nine-year journey with many setbacks and repeated unsuccessful attempts are embarking on their donor egg IVF treatment with genomic screening at ORM. Heather writes… Not […]

We have 10 Pairs of Weekend Tickets To Giveaway for The Fertility Show London

Win Fertility Show Tickets

Tickets are now on sale for The Fertility Show in London. The two-day Fertility Show which takes place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November 2017 looks set to welcome thousands of prospective parents through its doors for this unique opportunity to get information, advice and support on fertility issues from the experts under one […]

Meet surrogacy experts from around the world at The Families Thru Surrogacy Conference

Meet Surrogacy Experts

Increasingly infertile couples are considering surrogacy as a route to parenthood, but objective surrogacy education that is not sales-focused can be tough to find. Based on the ongoing demand for consumer-run education, the non-profit Families Through Surrogacy group is hosting its first seminar series in UK & Ireland. In other countries these seminars are really […]

What’s The Hottest Fertility Show Ticket In Town?

What's The Hottest Fertility Show Ticket In Town?

For the 1 in 6 people in the UK experiencing fertility issues, finding the right information and unbiased advice is essential to set you on the right path to parenthood. Fertility is a widely debated topic in the media and it can be hard to know the truth behind the headlines and understand what options […]

French ethics body urges end to fertility treatment bans

French ethics body urges end to fertility treatment bans

French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to let single women and lesbian couples receive fertility treatment received a boost Tuesday with an ethics body recommending they be given the same access as heterosexual couples. During campaigning for president this year Macron had said he was favourable to giving single women and lesbian couples access to assisted […]

The my future family fertility show returns in september

My Future Family Fertility Show September 2017

Today we caught up with the My Future Family Fertility Show team to discuss this shows and Alternative Family Week. In today’s society families are started in many different ways and are made up of many different combinations. The landscape of fertility and the make-up of families is constantly changing and can be difficult to […]

Free Donor Egg IVF Treatment With ORM Fertility

Free Donor Egg IVF Treatment With ORM Fertility

ORM Fertility is offering Donor Egg IVF Treatment With Genomic Screening. After the birth of Chris & Anne’s baby girl in November, we are excited to announce that the team at ORM Fertility is committed to helping another couple or individual fulfil their dream of building a family by offering a free donor egg IVF […]

The Fertility Show Manchester 2017 Plus Free Tickets!!

Fertility Show Manchester

Fertility Road are excited to be continuing our long-standing relationship with the Fertility Show.  Not only are we exhibiting at the Manchester Fertility Show but you will also be able to pick up a copy of the March/April issue of our magazine. WIN: We have 10 Weekend passes for @fertilityshow #Manchester 25 – 26 March […]

In search of a Womb

International Surrogacy

The Families Thru Surrogacy fourth annual conference for intended parents and surrogates in London is on the 11th March, followed by Dublin on 12th March 2017. Please visit the website for more information Surrogacy At Home In the UK it is estimated that approximately half of the surrogacy arrangements occur domestically. Some intended parents are […]

What Does Kill You Make You Stronger

Agata Szymanowicz Photography

Agata Szymanowicz reveals her struggle to start a family and how she is helping women share their stories through photography. When I think about how I spent my twenties trying not to get pregnant, I want to laugh or cry. It’s funny how these two often got mixed up during my fertility journey. It really […]

Making Sense of Reproductive Genomics

Reproductive Genomincs

Founded in 1989 with the goal of building the best fertility programme possible, ORM is globally recognised for its consistently high live birth success rates, individualised care, and innovation leadership. In 1999, ORM’s innovation led it to utilise the expertise of Intel clean room facility engineers, to develop its pioneering embryology laboratory clean room, one […]

The Alternative Parenting Show 2016

Alternative Parenting Show

The Alternative Parenting Show part of Alternative Family Week, now in its ninth year, is due to take place at the Royal College of Surgeons on Saturday, September 24, 2016. The event showcases the various alternative ways you can start your family, from surrogacy to fostering and adoption, information for LGBT families and IVF. There […]