Most of us going through the rigours of fertility and pregnancy surround ourselves with as many things as possible to make that path to parenthood easier… a trusty book, a lucky charm; maybe we’ll repeatedly come back to our favourite healthy meal, or perhaps we take comfort by working at a detailed schedule that optimises our chances of conceiving.

We might even find it therapeutic to repeat to ourselves a key piece of advice that someone has offered along the way.

Whether it’s a magazine, a material possession or a mantra, we’d love to know what your Ultimate Fertility Find is… something that has kept you going, something that gives you confidence or belief. Perhaps it’s something that provides you with energy or helps you to relax. It could be a ‘fertility find’ from the past, or it might even be helping you right now.

Simply, we’d love to hear it… your favourite tear-jerker of a film, or the promise of that small glass of wine on a Friday night, or even the belief in a higher power… there is nothing out of bounds, so please let us know what is making, or what has made, your journey easier.

We’re hoping to put together a brilliant feature in the new issue of Fertility Road showcasing readers’ answers – a collective sweep of must-have products and services, a pool of positive thinking anecdotes, a sumptuous source of trade secrets. It’s all designed to help others who are beginning the process.

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