Owner, Julio E. Cortes, Was One of The First Single Births in U.S. from Fertility Drug, Pergonal
Fort Lauderdale, FL: A milestone is fast approaching for Unilab of Dade, the largest and only specialized infertility medical lab in Florida, as it celebrates its thirtieth anniversary on February 23, 2018. Unilab’s anniversary is especially significant for owner, Julio E. Cortes. His father, Dr. Julio M. Cortes, founded Unilab after he and his wife struggled with infertility. The couple was fortunate enough to welcome their son, Julio E., after Mrs. Cortes received the experimental fertility drug, Pergonal, marking the third birth in the U.S. from the drug.
“Assisting doctors to help couples facing fertility challenges is very rewarding. Every day, we are helping people start families,” says Julio E. Cortes, who became President of Unilab in 1998. Julio and his wife also experienced dif?culties getting pregnant, only now the resources were readily available and the couple was fortunate to receive assistance from the labs’ clients. This next generation couple would eventually give birth to two beautiful children, Alexandra and Benjamin Cortes.
About Unilab: Unilab of Dade is the largest specialized medical infertility lab in the state, trusted by fertility doctors in South Florida and beyond to provide accurate and timely results. Unilab has tested over 75,000 patients for infertility in the past 30 years, and has assisted in over 10,000 births from reproductive doctors here in South Florida.
Unilab of Dade
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