Win a Peace of Mind or Fertility Mind-Body Programme with Russell Davis

Win a Peace of Mind Coaching Session (worth £250)

Win a deep and powerful conversation to help you get clarity of mind, get off the emotional roller-coaster and find peace of mind. Russell will also create a bespoke hypnosis track for you based on your coaching session.

50% off Russell’s in depth fertility mind-body programme (worth £48)

Research shows that participating in mind-body programmes can dramatically increase your chances of getting pregnant whether naturally or with treatment. A Harvard Medical School study demonstrated double the IVF success rate for women participated in a mind-body programme alongside IVF compared to those that didn’t.

Get 50% off Russell’s in depth online mind-body programme. The six hour long sessions, powerful hypnosis programmes and other resources will help accelerate your journey to getting pregnant by:

– let go of stress and find more peace of mind
– feel more connected and loved
– actively harness the mind-body connection
– feel more in control of your fertility and life

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Russell Davis, Fertility Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist, writer and speaker, believes that too many couples go through fertility treatment unnecessarily and that the success rate of treatment is unnecessarily low because the mind and emotions are not catered for in the journey.

Russell helps women and couples find peace of mind, stop feeling as if their life is on hold and feel a deeper sense of wellbeing as they continue to their journey to getting pregnant.

Russell, the Fertility Specialist Advisor to The National Council of Hypnotherapy, founded The Fertile Mind fertility mind-body programs and coaching based on he and his wife’s 10-year double infertility journey which resulted in the natural conception of their son.

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Russell Davis is a Fertility Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist, writer and speaker with personal experience of infertility. Russell helps people have the optimal mindset to get pregnant and is the author the best seller Conceivable. Find out more about his work here

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