Fertility Road is the leading digital media brand for the fertility community. We provide comprehensive guidance beyond the medical dimensions of IVF, encompassing financial, legal, and alternative considerations related to fertility treatments. Our pragmatic resources address various topics, ranging from financial management of IVF expenses to understanding international fertility regulations, and delving into holistic and alternative approaches.

At Fertility Road, our objective is to furnish a platform where your aspirations for fertility can find fertile ground to flourish. Whether contemplating fertility treatment abroad or seeking counsel for the journey ahead, we are dedicated to offering unwavering support at every stage. Embark with us on Fertility Road, where the path to parenthood commences.

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Connecting You with Your Target Audience

Since we launched in 2009 as Europe’s first fertility consumer print magazine, Fertility Road has evolved to become the longest and most successful consumer media brand helping couples and individuals who are looking to start or extend their families. In the last couple of years, our reader demographics have changed from purely heterosexual couples to LGBT readers who are actively looking at different treatment options including IVF, egg donation, surrogacy, and adoption.

Fertility Journey Project

We were the first company to launch a global free IVF initiative called The Fertility Journey Project.

Introduced in 2014, our pioneering Fertility Journey initiative materialized through partnerships with numerous prominent fertility experts globally. Subsequently, we’ve facilitated the provision of 29 complimentary IVF cycles. These cycles are generously provided by both international and UK-based IVF clinics.

The concept remains straightforward: to assist individuals and couples seeking to build a family, whether they require financial support due to NHS budget reductions, lack of funds, or have experienced multiple unsuccessful IVF attempts necessitating a personalized treatment approach.

Additionally, we aim to document the patient’s entire journey from the beginning, shedding light on infertility and candidly sharing the realities of receiving an infertility diagnosis.

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