Fertility clinics in Latvia

Latvia lies on the Baltic Sea and borders Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania. It is a relatively small country with a population of just under 2 million. Its capital is Riga. The official language of the country is Latvian although Russian is spoken by up to a third of its population and English is spoken in the larger cities. The climate in Latvia is characterised by warm, dry summers and severe winters with much snow.

Tourism is beginning to contribute much to the Latvian economy with latest figures suggesting nearly 3 million visit the country each year. IVF treatment in Latvia has been offered over the last twenty years and although there are relatively few IVF clinics, the quality of treatments is comparable to other European countries. IVF clinics in Latvia offer services in English and its relaxed fertility laws mean that it has become a very popular destination for fertility patients from the UK, Germany and France in particular.

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