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Pregnancy Termination and Surrogacy

Pregnancy Termination and Reduction in Surrogacy

Nancy Block RN, Vice President of International and Major Client Relations for Fertility SOURCE Companies, writes... In the last few months I’ve noticed a trend...
International Surrogacy

The Future of International Surrogacy

As surrogacy becomes a more familiar route to parenthood, for both same-sex couples and infertile heterosexual intended parents, surrogacy industry expert Sam Everingham looks at what drives parents to engage overseas, assesses the Thailand shutdown in 2014, and considers future projections.

Gay Birthright Campaign Gathers Momentum

A couple frustrated by restrictive UK laws regarding gay surrogacy have commenced an internet campaign that aims to start a conversation about inequalities in...
Families Through Surrogacy Making It Easier

Parents Group Aims For International Surrogacy Standards

Parents Group Aims For International Surrogacy Standards at Windsor Surrogacy Conference 8-9 March London – On 8-9 March, Windsor will host the UK & Europe’s first...
Families Through Surrogacy Making It Easier

Families Through Surrogacy Making It Easier

Families are complicated things. We’ve moved a long way past mixed race couples raising eyebrows in society. In the new modern family, ‘Who Do...
surrogacy agency

How to Choose a Surrogacy Agency

There are a few things you should consider prior to choosng the first Surrogacy agency. Surrogacy is the process of a woman carrying a baby for another person or persons.
Alternative Parenting

Realise Your Dream of Having A Child At The Alternative Parenting Show

The Alternative Parenting Show is the original and biggest show of its kind. It provides a one-stop shop, which gives valuable information to same-sex...

Building Families Brings Together The World’s Leading IVF And Surrogacy Specialists

Building Families brings together the world’s leading IVF & Surrogacy specialists and showcases the most diverse range of innovative methods and technologies to make...
Same Sex Parents And Children

Children from same sex couples do as well as other children

An analysis of multiple studies of 500 households shows that the effects on children with same sex parents does not affect the their self-esteem,...