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Best IVF Clinics in Europe


A Guide to Choosing the Best IVF Clinics in Europe

IVF treatment is a very personal and emotionally intense experience.

And it is little wonder, as it can result in the most precious gift imaginable.

Many patients look to Europe for the best IVF clinic in order to realise their dream of becoming parents. But some end up making the decision on the basis of factors that are difficult to compare and verify, such as IVF success rates or treatment costs.

Here we will look at what you should take into account when choosing an IVF clinic in Europe.

How to choose the best IVF clinics abroad to help you achieve your goal

First of all, bear in mind that there is no such thing as ’the best IVF clinic’. No IVF clinic in the world can work miracles and leave all patients happy and satisfied. The reason for this is simple: every patient is different. Everyone has a different medical and treatment history, as well as completely different expectations. So the clinic that is right for someone else, may not be the best choice for you.

“A great fertility clinic isn’t just one that can give you effective treatment, it’s one with compassionate staff, clear pricing, seamless administrative processes and exceptional emotional support.”

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)

Most IVF clinics offering services to international patients are acclaimed and experienced medical units. They are often the leaders in the IVF sector in their own countries. As a result, they’re not the cheapest – their IVF cost is usually above the country average.

Best IVF clinics in Europe – popularity

When it comes to finding the best IVF clinic in Europe, it is not always easy to distinguish which clinic or clinics are better than the others.

There are no universal rankings, competitions or awards which will flag up which clinics are best. As part of their research, many patients seek advice and reviews from others via internet forums and Facebook groups. But these are personal opinions and often don’t provide a fair and balanced viewpoint.

Reviews left for the individual clinics are also of limited use as once again these are highly subjective and it is difficult to access a list of popular clinics for a straightforward comparison.

That’s why we have put together a list of the most popular clinics in Europe, taking into account reviews, including Google Business ratings, to help you in your quest to find the best IVF clinic in Europe.

IVF ClinicCountryReviewsRatingExample review
Clinica TambreSpain1444.5I have only good things to say about Clínica Tambre. After trying to get pregnant in Ireland for 3 years we decided to try Spain and a friend recommended Tambre. As soon as we got in touch with them we knew we had made the right decision. It's a patient centered clinic where you feel like you treated like a person not just a number. The communication is very organic, fluid and quick. We couldn't be happier with the treatment and with the staff.
IVF-LifeSpain924.1You're reading this because you're searching for an IVF Clinic. I was in your shoes. Combing through reviews, stats, treatment options, etc. Let me tell you this: no matter the outcome here, from our very first video call with the doctor I knew we found the right clinic. This clinic is easy to work with, IMO affordable, had a variety of treatment options and what I appreciated is that when the first cycle was a no go, they changed up the plan for better results. For both cycles, I spent several weeks in Alicante so the doctor and staff could support me directly. I did all my bloodwork and scans at the clinic (you can use your own doctor at home though). I was often solo while my husband had to be back in Italy working. I felt so welcome and cared for. When I was scared and stressed, they knew it and helped calm me. They even called me on a weekend after hours when I was panicking. When I was calm and brave, they stood beside me and were genuinely excited with me. From the admins at the desk, my personal assistant, to the nurses, doc H, the lab, and the specialist in the OR, these people cared about our results. They were fighting for us, WITH us. When we got bad news, they even cried with us. I really felt special working with this team. They are very communicative and answered questions quickly; professional and it's evident, they know IVF! I love Dr H and I love my assistant Maria. This clinic truly changed our life. And in the end, after 4 cycles (2 in Italy and 2 with IVF Spain) we had 1 embryo survive, our loan survivor. Our designated survivor! We had a fresh transfer and as of today, we are 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I'm 41 years old. Again, no matter the outcome I will still recommend this clinic. Every woman, every story, every journey is so one can guarantee this will work or your dreams will come true. Or that even this clinic is the best one for you. But we CAN tell you to keep fighting and trust the process. I was only going to do 3 cycles. 3. We were encouraged to try 1 last time and here we are pregnant. I can also tell you that working with IVF Spain was the best decision we made through our IVF journey.
Barcelona IVF Spain1364.3This clinic and its doctors changed my life. They reached incredibles results. I've done 6 ivf in other centres and none of them worked out. Ivf barcelona and doc. Olivares in only one shot achieved what everyone else failed. 7 embryos have been created and one of them is the sweetest baby girl in the world. I strongly suggest you to try their services.
UR VistahermosaSpain354.1I recommend Vistahermosa - it’s a lovely clinic, with lovely staff, in a great place next to the beach that makes you feel like you are on holiday! The pickup from the airport and transfers to the clinic etc are a nice touch. Staff are really responsive too.
We had a successful experience - we now have 2 girls via egg donation. One from the fresh cycle and the second from a frozen embryo from the same cycle. We couldn’t be more delighted!
Equipo Juana Crespo Spain1033.8We are really grateful to Equipo Crespo because thanks to this team now we have twins! They did a quick and correct diagnostic that was not found previously in the Netherlands.
They provide you a really personalized treatment and follow up and they are available for all your questions.
Therefore we really recommend their support!
ReproclinicSpain384.9Excellent service and care received, from the first contact email to the clinic I have received speedy and informative responses which other clinic did not provide; they answered all my questions in detail so we
could make an informed decision as to how to move forward. Wonderful Samar was very patient and attended to every question meticulously.

The medical team showed great deal of dedication, they literally hand- walked us through the treatment, we couldn’t have been more looked after than we were at Reproclinic. The high level of expertise and knowledge is unparalleled so we would highly recommend the clinic to anyone deciding to embark on their fertility journey, you will know that you will be looked after here and can rest assured of the level of care that you will not find anywhere else (we used many private clinics and they are of no comparison!) We are very grateful to our Doctor Anna Voskuilen, who made us feel at ease with all the procedures of such a complicated process that fertility is; Our dedicated medical team headed by Blanca was unparalleled- she literally answered all the worries and questions arising throughout and after the treatment, something you just won’t get anywhere else.
Veronica supported us in out of office hours and calmed us whilst stressful and worrying times. We have come such a long, stressful way and we simply have to thank this wonderful team, without this clinic and their help - we just wouldn’t be here.
We are very grateful to all involved for the care received so far, you made the hardest parts easier and most stressful times- calmer. Thank you all involved at Reproclinic!
iGinSpain1194.5My husband and I, thanks to the iGin Institute, we managed to fulfill our dream of becoming parents and it would seem obvious a positive review only for the final result. In reality their immense skill starts mainly from the beginning of the path: great professionalism, great humanity and constant presence! Well yes, presence: despite the kilometers away, everyone (the Spanish doctor and the Italian guys who translated everything and who answered our emails and phone calls) were extremely helpful and present. The first cognitive interview takes place via an exhaustive video call, but there is no lack of further clarifications along the way. We have toured many centers in Italy, but no one (and I repeat never) has ever been so attentive to our needs as the iGin: they lovingly took us by the hand all those months and we will never forget it. Do not be discouraged by the distance, just organize yourself and arm yourself with a lot of patience, we have succeeded even in the middle of the pandemic. A huge thank you to all the fabulous staff at the iGin!
Institut Marquès Spain1624.1Without mincing words, this has to be the best fertility clinic there is (there, I said it. You're free to disagree with me, it still doesn't change anything). I call them the FC Barcelona of fertility clinics. But, unlike the other FC Barcelona that have only one Messi, this particular FC Barcelona have a team made up of many Messis, both at their branch in Clane and at their headquarters in Barcelona.

I and my partner owe our twin baby boys to their efficiency and professionalism.

Our profound gratitudes go to these "Messis" who played one part or the other to make sure our dreams become a reality; Dr. Edgar Mocanu, Dr. Osman Shamoun, Dr. Veronique Moens, Dr. Trigas, to mention but a few.

Our thanks also go to the several other unsung "Messis" who contributed their own quota behind the scenes in actualisation of these dreams. People like Florence, Anissa, Katie Cassidy and Sonya Johnson at Clane. Not forgetting the very efficient and professional lab technicians and staff who always go about their duties with a smile on their faces.

I can't thank you guys enough and I also cannot recommend this clinic highly enough.
Instituto Bernabeu – Alicante Spain824.3Excellent!! Excellent!!! - could not have asked for better

My husband and I were due to come to the clinic last year and due to the delays with Covid our trip got postponed, month on month and then finally we made it in September (2021). We have to say that our personal assistant Ania Apitas was absolutely fantastic. Ania provided support and reassurance for almost a year before we finally made it to Spain. Once we arrived at the clinic the care we received throughout our treatment (which involved a few trips to the clinic) was phenomenal, it literally was like visiting a hotel. Everyone was very welcoming, kept our nerves at bay and generally we had a fantastic experience all round. We initially tried our treatment in the UK and we found that the level of care and treatment we received in Spain was better tailored to individual requirement as opposed to generic medication etc. In essence, we would like to express our sincere and heart felt thank you to Ania for everything she has done for us and to Dr Crillio who performed the embryo transfer, whom without we would not be where were are today and that is almost 4 months pregnant with twins. Thank you xxx
URE Centro Gutenberg Spain994.7Absolutely amazing treatment and care from all the team! From the first email I recieved, all the way through the treatment process, I have been so impressed by the level of care and expertise they shown to us. It really fills you with confidence as a patient. This is a very professional clinic, where you can be sure of getting the best and most up to date fertility advice and treatment. It is also very personal- the team are keen to understand your individual situation and genuinely care about helping you to bring home a baby. Having fertility treatment can be stressful. The team do all they can to support you in your journey. I am so pleased I chose this clinic and I will always be grateful for everything they have done to grow our family.
emBIO Medical Center Greece3364.4Effective treatment, and beautiful results! It took us about a month and a half to finally be able to conceive. I am turning 52 this year and pregnancy seemed impossible, but thanks to Dr. Paraschos, it all worked out well.
NewLife IVF Greece Greece1864.9I underwent four cycles of IVF at this clinic in 2021. They were wonderful, and when I hear stories from friends of what they have experienced at other clinics I thank God that I went with my instincts and decided to go with NewLife, despite the difficulties posed by travelling to and from Greece during the Covid outbreaks. Their professionalism, expertise and interest in keeping up with the latest developments in their sector has been evident, but on a human level they have been there for us every step of the way in a way that made such a difference to us - I always felt that I was with friends and people who had my best interests at heart. There is no hard sell of unneccessary extras as you hear of at some clinics. Everyone - the reception staff, our doctor, embyologist, anaesthetist and midwife went out of their way to make a deeply uncertain, emotional and difficult process as bearable as it can be. We have been successful in our final treatment, but I can honestly say that even if it had not worked, I would still absolutely recommend NewLife to anyone considering fertility treatment.
Embryoclinic IVF Unit Greece534.8After having no success with trying to conceive, a friend recommended Embryoclinic and we are so glad that she did. The team at the clinic are amazing. The support they offer really makes IVF a less stressful time. We’ve visited the clinic for several transfers and an investigative procedure. The care that I received on each visit could not be faulted. Even during Covid, the clinic kept in touch and offered advice on how to deal with treatment during the pandemic. Luckily I managed to visit in July and I’m now 20 weeks pregnant. Without the amazing team at Embryoclinic, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Totally recommend this clinic.
Assisting Nature – Human Reproduction & Genetics Greece934.2Evangelos Papanikolaou doctor, scientist and above all man who hugs you, listens and knows very well his work.It is always a step forward and you feel exclusivity with him and sure. The clenitic synchronous with all its comforts. From the first visit you feel the friendly and family environment from all the staff. They take you seriously and give you attention. All very experienced in their field. Big thumbs up to the embryologist Efi. They are all recommended to you, very polite and friendly!! Excellent ten are worth it for me in this race that is close and with you in everything!! A huge thank you to all and especially to our doctor E.Papanikolaou and Eleftheria
Pelargos IVF Medical Group Greece145.0I asked Doctor HARRY KARPOUZIS a number of specific questions about the IVF treatment process and he answered them in significant detail with great precision to my satisfaction in addition to demonstrating a caring nature which made me feel that his interests were genuine at heart. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any one seeking any form of Fertility treatment and I will certainly be speaking to them again.
Unica Clinics – Prague and Brno Czech Republic484.5Friendly and professional staff and nice atmosphere. We were very satisfied with their service. Also easy to find in Brno.
Gynem IVF Czech Republic434.3After researching online for IVF with an egg donor we came across Gynem and are very happy that we did. We cannot fault anyone on our journey, the whole team are amazing. A special thank you to our co-ordinator Linda who has been there for us throughout. She has made the whole process easy and stress free and really is a credit to the clinic. We could not have wished for a better co-ordinator and we cannot recommend the clinic highly enough. We are now very positive/hopeful that in the near future we will have the family we have always dreamt of.
Europe IVF Prague Czech Republic764.2Highly recommend Europe IVF as their approach to their patients and treatments is just outstanding. We have felt super looked after and nothing was an issue. We are so grateful to Dr. Batkova and our lovely coordinator Marija for guiding us so well thought this process and being so compassionate with us. We will be forever grateful for our twin bundles of joys. They definitely make the dreams come true. Thank you so much. Veronika and Grant.
Repromeda s.r.o. Czech Republic464.5I was satisfied with you. I mainly sat down with Dr. Heap and I want to thank her once again for her absolutely perfect care.
Dunya IVF Clinic Cyprus644.5One of the best professional facilities!

First, I must start with the Dunya Coordinator Ms Daniela Blayne. From the first contact, I have to be honest, I never met so compassionate, caring, and professional medical person in my life.

It was immediate connection patient- coordinator and with a subtle and caring approach, and immense support, as this journey is tough and full of challenges. Daniela was with me the entire time guiding me, providing support, and understanding, I could notice that Daniela is the person who works effectively with people and shows humanity, demonstrate sensitivity, and actively build trust and encourage.

The Dunya Clinic environment is welcoming to all patient equally and doctors are super professional and caring, you could notice that they are full of professional care with a calming voice where any issues are promptly addressed.

I could write much more about this wonderful experience, and it will take me a while, but given the above, I must say that I highly recommend the Dunya Clinic to all and I am grateful to have met these incredible medical people.
Cyprus IVF Hospital Cyprus294.8The hospital is very modern and is equiped with the best technology. The ivf department gives 5/5 service. Doctor serap and the team was perfect.
Gynolife IVF Center Cyprus134.7First time was a success! Everything went perfect and our healthy baby girl was born on September1st! I can't thank everyone enough. From our coordinator, the staff and to Dr. Murat Onal. Everyone was 100% accommodating in every way and was only a phone call away for any questions we had during the 3 week IVF process. I highly recommend Gynolife for your Journey.
IVF Riga Latvia354.4Excellent testing experience. Booking appointment and payment is easy, and testing specialist was patient, quick, and friendly.

Initially the clinic forgot to sent us the QR code pass, but after contacting the customer service it was sent within 1.5h, even in the evening!

Definitely would use again.
Clinic EGV Latvia103.3The greatest gratitude to Dr. Solvita Funka for her professional performance, attitude, sensitivity and understanding of patients. I can only say good words about the doctor and thank him for the professional treatment. I would like to say a big thank you to Dr Solvita Funk for the love she does her job selflessly
Scandinavia AVA-Peter Russia544.5About the clinic Ava Peter only good impressions remained. I have health problems, I cannot get pregnant on my own, in the end I was told that I can get a quota and do IVF for free. To choose from there are several clinics from all the variety I chose Ava Peter. There were good reviews and my friend became a mother thanks to them. And in fact, well done! Gorgeous attitude, very attentive, pregnancy from the first protocol. Even taking into account the fact that I was walking through the CHI, they did everything to make me succeed. Thank you!
Next Generation Clinic Russia514.0NGC in St Petersburg was successful for my attempts using a donor egg and I am now 20+ wks pregnant. I can highly recommend Dr Diana who is excellent (she's also bilingual and speaks English). NGC have English speaking staff to help English speaking patients through their journey. Russia allows more flexible donor choices than UK or Australian clinics, you can see exactly what your donor looks like and their full medical profile. For me personally it took 5 implant cycles because I'm 40+ yrs but NGC have very good statistics in all areas. It took a little extra planning with flights and visas, but an organised person can do this easily to help save money vs the price tag of expensive UK/USA/Aus clinics! Yes I can recommend NGC.
Aagaard Fertility Clinic Denmark293.5Definitely the best we chose to do! We had decided that this would be the last attempt if we were to have more children! 5 years long struggle and before 1 1/2 battle with treatments at another clinic. 1 IVF treatment and now we sit with our great miracle in our arms! Everything just plays at the clinic, nice staff and really human they do great work inside that you are also safe! We can't thank them enough! 3 eggs in the freezer and we must clearly return and have more miracles set for the world! Thank you Aagaard!
Trianglen Fertility Clinic Denmark204.8Can only recommend trianglen fertility clinic! We have felt heard and seen and taken good care of throughout the process. Top professional, skilled and sweet doctors and nurses for whom we are forever grateful.
S.I.S.Me.R. Italy244.0I went to the sismer center with my husband 4 years ago, now I hold in my arms my daughter alice vittoria that the 30 gemnaio will turn one year.. I will always thank them all, both the doctors with whom I have always had the opportunity to confront, and all the biologists who work behind... do a beautiful job. If I could I would hug you all... Thank you very much
FerticentroPortugal363.9Hello my husband and I have known the Ferticentro family for years and it was in the clinic still in the old abode that after many years our dream came true... October 13, 2009 day of Our Lady of Fatima, with the team that fought alongside us... Professor Isabel, Dr. Luis, Nurse Hope the always friendly secretary Cristina... (I'm sorry I don't remember other names)... That's the day the embryos were implanted to me... and after days what our dream came true and after 38 weeks was born Pedro Simão with 3380kg and 50cm... perfect, healthy, and gorgeous... today he is 8 years old and God can make us the happiest parents in the world every day... Thank you Ferticentro
ISIDA Clinic Ukraine474.3My husband and I, we would like to express our gratitude to all ISIDA specialists! It definitely was a fate that we came to Ukraine! After 3 years of unsuccessful treatment in different clinics we completely lost hope of having our own child. Nevertheless, doctors in ISIDA clinic helped us to select a suitable donor, and we started treatment in a short period of time. Thanks God after the first try we found out that I got pregnant. That was a miracle! We are so grateful to ISIDA for our daughter!
Next Fertility Nordic Estonia85.0Our experience so far has been amazing. All the staff are very attentitive, you can feel they care. They are professional, friendly and honestly it's just been an amazing experience from the very beginning. Would highly recommend!
IVF-LifeUnited Kingdom444.7Our experience at RHG was absolutely second to none. Every part of the process was explained to us and I cannot thank the nurses Suzanne and Katrina enough. They were very supportive throughout even when things didn’t go as planned, they helped me keep going. The staff answering calls were empathetic and ensured that if needed, a call back was done that same day or as soon as possible. Dr Nardo was able to identify problems that hadn’t been found previously and so with his guidance and medication advise we were able to successfully carry our beautiful daughter full term. Thank you so much team at RHG!!!

Find Top IVF Clinics Abroad >

Best IVF clinics – Top-Rated List

This list of the best IVF clinics is based on the current top ten rated clinics on the Global Clinic Rating (GCR). collects real-time data on medical facilities around the world. It then analyses these results and breaks them down into easily understandable live rankings and reports. All the clinics featured must meet strict standards set out by the GCR.

However, although this is a good way to gauge which clinics have high patient satisfaction and treatment success rates, it does not necessarily mean they are universally considered to be the best. It is merely a different approach to the one taken in the table above.

In order to compare like-for-like, the percentage of live births only includes non-donor fresh embryo treatments with patients aged under 35 years old. The number of cycles includes all treatments.

Top 10 IVF Clinics in Europe

Instituto Bernabeu

Alicante, Spain
GCR Quality Score 4.5

Check IVF costs and success rates at Instituto Bernabeu >>>

Topping the GCR’s list of the top ten fertility clinics in Europe is the Instituto Bernabeu. This Spanish clinic has been at the top of its field for some 35 years, responsible for some 20,000 births since the early 1980s. It is a popular destination for those seeking IVF abroad and the multilingual team has cared for patients from more than 137 countries to date.
The clinic offers various fertility treatments, including IVF with fresh eggs, IVF with donor eggs and banked donor eggs, along with technological support such as genome sequencer and embryo monitoring.
Statistics: 4,240 cycles per year, 82% live births.


Dunya IVF

Kyrenia, North Cyprus
GCR Quality Score 4.5

Check IVF costs and success rates at Dunya IVF >>>

This Northern Cyprus clinic comes highly recommended by patients who have had IVF treatment using their own eggs and those who have used donor eggs or embryos. Dunya IVF participates in the GCR Membership program, meaning the clinic has demonstrated its commitment to implementing best practices and transparency towards international standards, which offers peace of mind for fertility patients.
Statistics: 1,300 cycles per year, 71% livebirths.



Alicante, Spain
GCR Quality Score 4.5

Check IVF costs and success rates at IVF-Life >>>

Proving that the Mediterranean is a popular destination for those seeking IVF treatment, the second Alicante-based clinic on our list, is praised by the GCR for having a level of expertise, facilities, services and patient responses ‘well above’ international clinic standards. The clinic welcomes many international and cross-border patients and prides itself on providing personalised treatment for its patients, even offering post-treatment acupuncture and massage services.
Statistics: 1,000 cycles per year, 66% live births.


Tambre Fertility Clinic

Madrid, Spain
GCR Quality Score 4.5

Check IVF costs and success rates at Clinica Tambre >>>

With 40 years of experience in gyanecology and fertility, patients can rest assured that they are in good hands at the TAMBRE Fertility Clinic. The predominately female medical team boasts many years of experience and uses state-of-the-art technology to achieve the clinic’s impressive 83% live birth rate.
The clinic is just 20 minutes away from the airport and Madrid city centre, so it is convenient for international patients, and TAMBRE prides itself on its welcoming, homely, atmosphere.
Statistics: 1,290 cycles per year, 83% live births.


IVF Riga

Riga, Latvia
GCR Quality Score 4.5

IVF Riga clinic specialises in complex infertility treatment for couples and single women, offering assistance after previous failed treatments and it also carries out genetic infertility diagnoses. IVF Riga also has its own donor sperm and egg bank, making it a popular destination for patients who are unable to use their own sperm or eggs and single women looking to start a family.
Statistics: 943 cycles per year, 58% live births.


Sanatorium HELIOS

Brno, the Czech Republic
GCR Quality Score 4.5

Located in central Europe, the Sanatorium HELIOS has 25 years of experience in fertility treatment, gynaecology, and antenatal care. It also works closely with the Australian-based Genea World Leading Fertility, benefitting from its extensive research department and helping HELIOS to lead the way in developing new procedures to improve IVF success rates.
The clinic is popular with cross-border patients, as well as those living in the Czech Republic.
Statistics: 1,437 cycles per year, 68% live births


North Cyprus IVF

Nicosia, Cyprus
GCR Quality Score 4.5

Proud of its legacy as the first IVF hospital in North Cyprus, this clinic is a popular destination among those seeking donor eggs. It is also known for its affordable treatment rates.
It is worth noting that North Cyprus IVF has a high number of live births in relation to the number of cycles it carries out a year. This may be thanks in part to the clinic’s frequent practice of transferring two embryos per cycle.
Statistics: 712 cycles per year, 72% live births.


Newlife IVF Greece

Kalamaria Municipality, Greece
GCR Quality Score 4.5

Check IVF costs and success rates at Newlife IVF Greece >>>

Newlife IVF Greece offers a range of tests for infertility, including the use of Ultrasound (4D) for diagnosis, as well as traditional add-on treatments, including PGS (preimplantation genetic screening). The clinic offers an initial consultation at no cost either via video link or in-person in London for patient convenience.
Statistics: 1,355 cycles per year, 62% live births.



Thessaloniki, Greece
GCR Quality Score 4.5

The second Greek clinic in the GCR’s list, Embryolab doctors specialise in fertility medicine and obstetrics and gynaecology procedures. The services offered at the clinic include Embryoscope (Time-Lapse Embryo Monitoring System).
It is worth noting that there is a lack of recent reviews of this clinic on
Statistics: 1,200 cycles per year, 55% live births.


Serum IVF

Lykovrysi, Greece
GCR Quality Score 4.5

Established in 1989, Serum IVF prides itself on its personalised, holistic approach to its patients, which is reflected in the majority of the reviews it receives. The clinic regularly treats patients from all over the world.
It should be noted that Serum IVF tends to favour transferring two embryos at a time during IVF treatment, meaning it has a relatively high percentage of multiple births, with the figure currently standing at 11%.
Statistics: 950 cycles per year, 60% live births.


What do you need to consider when choosing the best IVF clinic abroad?

Start by contacting, in person, the clinics that you are interested in. When talking with clinics’ representatives, always pay attention to their attitude towards patients and the communication flow you have with them. This ease of communication is as important as the clinic’s location or the type and quality of services they offer, particularly when you‘re both based in different countries.

There are several things that you should ask when speaking to an IVF clinic:

  • Start by checking the clinic’s website. What kind of information does the clinic publish? Are these only marketing materials? Or are patients provided with substantive medical knowledge too? Are they transparent about their pricing?
  • Learn about the professional experience of doctors and embryologists working at the clinic – how long have they been dealing with infertility treatment?
  • Ask what the clinic’s doctors specialise in – is there a doctor whose specialism is relevant to your personal circumstances?
  • Inquire about the scientific publications by the clinic’s doctors and embryologists – do most of them cover the subject of infertility treatment?
  • Ask the clinic to share its certificates of quality.

Before you visit the clinic, ask the following (important) questions:

  • Present your medical history and ask about your personal prognosis and the clinic’s individual success rates.
  • Ask about the approximate cost of IVF treatment in your individual case.
  • Find out how many times you will have to visit the clinic in person over the course of your treatment.

Remember that your main goal is getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy child. Do not think about your success in terms of the cheapest and fastest way of receiving IVF treatment.

Please also remember that going for IVF abroad is not always possible according to different legislation systems in popular IVF destinations.

Best IVF clinic – What does your heart tell you?

If you choose several clinics and contact them one by one asking the right questions, you will definitely feel which one is the right place for you. From the first e-mail contact, you can find out how fast the clinic responds and how it answers your questions. You will instantly feel whether there is support on the other side or not. You will need to feel supported by your clinic during your treatment journey. You may find that it is your intuition that ultimately leads you to the clinic that is right for you.

Other useful resources when looking for an IVF clinic abroad:

You may be interested in reading: Fertility treatment abroad – best resources guide

Best IVF Clinics Abroad – Costs vs Success, Rates vs Timeframe

When deciding on an IVF clinic, whether at home or abroad, you will likely find yourself having to make a tough choice between three major factors: time, cost, and success.

When it comes to IVF, these three factors are mutually exclusive. For example, if you opt for a clinic with high success rates, you can be sure that the treatment will not be done quickly, nor will it be cheap. A clinic that promises a quick treatment will not be cheap and, statistically speaking, is unlikely to be successful.

It’s important to understand that, when it comes to IVF treatment, taking shortcuts and making hasty decisions can cause disappointment, and heartache and result in a considerably smaller bank balance.

For example, there are many patients from the UK, who travel for egg donation treatment abroad because the egg donation cost in the UK is high, and egg donors are not widely available. Others travel for IVF with own eggs because generally, IVF costs in the UK are higher than in popular European destinations.

“Cheap, fast and effective IVF treatment is simply impossible. These three parameters are mutually exclusive. If the treatment is cheap, then, unfortunately, it is not fast and effective. Eventually, it might even turn out to be very expensive. Patients are very often wrongly convinced that a low price of IVF treatment is a real bargain. And then, in most cases, it turns out that they not only lost their money but also – most importantly – their precious time. And it is the passing time that is of the highest value in the whole IVF treatment, not your money. Remember that you can never go back in time – and very often the chances of having your own kids are decreasing with each month. That’s why making the right choice is so extremely important.”

Aleksander Wiecki, CMO, IVF Media Ltd.
Laura Cooke
Laura Cooke
Laura is a freelance journalist who specialises in writing about fertility, egg and sperm donation and IVF. She has previously written about the subject for publications including Men's Health UK and Stylist.

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