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Cheapest IVF Worldwide

The Covid Pandemic caused thousands of individuals and couples to pause their IVF options abroad. As we emerge from the pandemic, IVF patients have been dealt another blow to realising their dreams of having a baby by the cost of living crisis which is causing economic stress throughout the world.

The cost of living crisis has heightened the need for more IVF patients to find cheaper IVF options and they are prepared to travel significant distances to realise their dreams. IVF travel is worldwide phenomenon, but we are seeing a large proportion of IVF patients travel from countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland and Australia.

IVF patients choose IVF abroad for many reasons including wanting to access the best IVF clinics with the highest IVF success rates, treatments which may not be legal in their country of residence, donor availability or specific treatments like egg donation. Whatever the reason for fertility travel, cost is either the main driver or an important consideration.
This article aims to provide a snapshot of the costs you might be expected to pay for IVF treatments around the world and will help you find an IVF treatment which suits your pocket.

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Where is the cheapest place for IVF in the world?

So, before we begin, a little word of warning! We would like to share insights into countries in which IVF is cheap, or rather, cheap in comparison to another country. Certain countries may be cheap, but they may not also be the best in terms of high quality, regulated treatments and amazingly high success rates.

This guide is just that, it provides an analysis of ballpark figures across different countries; it should be used as a benchmark for identifying countries based on IVF treatment costs. The rest is up to you – even if cost is your primary concern, you need to weigh this up alongside treatment availability, success rates and patient feedback!

Let us start with Europe, which countries offer the best financial deal for treatments involving IVF with own eggs. The short answer is the Czech Republic, Poland and North Cyprus. These countries offer very competitive prices for cheap IVF treatments. There are however certain legal barriers which mean that access to IVF treatments is not available for same sex female couples or single women in the Czech Republic or Poland. For heterosexual couples, IVF can be as low as €2,500 in Poland. The Czech Republic also represents good value for money; the 30 or so registered clinics in the country are well regulated costs for IVF with own eggs are on the same level as Poland, at around €2,500.

Similarly, in North Cyprus costs for IVF with own eggs can be as little as €2,700. Sitting alongside very liberal fertility laws and a temperate climate, it is easy to see why North Cyprus represents a big draw for those seeking cheap IVF treatments.

Prices in Turkey start at around 2,200 euros.

If we look further afield there are a number of bargains to be had in the IVF with own eggs market. In India for instance, we have come across IVF clinics who will offer treatments for as little as 1,500 euros. The award for what must be one of the cheapest countries in the world for IVF with own eggs will probably go to Iran with prices starting as low as $1,100.

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Where is the cheapest place for egg donation IVF in the world?

Possibly with the exception of surrogacy, egg donation treatments are subject to the most extreme differences in cost between countries. They can range from an eye-watering $40,000 for a private egg donation through an egg donor agency in the U.S. to a similar treatment in Iran advertised for $1,500. A caveat on that last price is that it does not include the donor’s medical expenses, your medical expenses as a patient and you might also need to pay compensation for the egg donor. So, let the buyer be aware!

In Europe prices for egg donation IVF are relatively similar with the exception of the U.K. where prices are on the high side in comparison with other countries. Like IVF with own egg prices, the Czech Republic and North Cyprus tend to be the cheapest countries for procedures involving egg donors.

As we have mentioned a number of times check the small print if you are considering a country which claims to be offering the cheapest egg donation IVF – ensure you get a final price which includes any medication, compensation and general medical expenses – it can all add up and soon your cheap destination becomes a rather expensive one!

Cheapest IVF treatments in popular countries

Cheap IVF in the Czech Republic

There are over 30 regulated clinics in the Czech Republic who provide a high standard of patient care and fertility treatments. Access to IVF treatments is restricted to heterosexual couples but the country remains a fertility tourist hot spot with IVF prices starting at 2,500 euros and egg donation IVF at 4,500 euros.

Cheap IVF in Spain

Spain remains the most visited European destination by those seeking IVF abroad. Its track record of high success rates and very good patient care engagement comes at a price however and therefore costs remain a little higher than the European average. Prices for IVF can start at around 3,900 euros and egg donation IVF at 5,800 euros.

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Cheap IVF in Portugal

Like the U.K., Portugal offers IVF treatments with non-anonymous donors and has begun to develop a niche market for those seeking known donors at lower prices than are offered in the U.K. Prices for IVF can begin around 4,000 euros with egg donation IVF treatments available for around the 6,000 euro mark.

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Cheap IVF in North Cyprus

North Cyprus has one of the most liberal destinations in Europe in terms of what IVF treatments you can access. As a consequence, IVF patient visitors are high, and prices are low. You can get an IVF treatment for as little as $2,700 and egg donation IVF treatments are less than double this figure at $4,500.

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Cheap IVF in Greece

Greece is another top destination in Europe for patients travelling for IVF. Liberal laws, a relatively cheap standard of living, warm climate and accessible transport links make this possible. Added to this, prices are not too far off those cheapest on offer. IVF treatments can be sourced for around 3,000 euros at the lower end of the market and egg donation IVF at 5,000 euros.

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Cheap IVF in Latvia

The prices for IVF treatments are Latvia are cheap, in fact just lying above the cheapest in Europe, at €3,000 for IVF and around €6,000 for egg donation IVF. With seven clinics the small country of just over 2 million residents is a popular fertility destination for those patients from Scandinavia, Germany and the United Kingdom in particular.

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Cheap IVF in Poland

Access to IVF treatments in Poland is restricted to heterosexual couples. Prices are amongst the lowest in Europe with IVF starting around €2,500 and egg donation IVF hovering around the €5,000 mark.

Cheap IVF in Turkey

Treatments involving egg donation IVF are strictly prohibited in Turkey therefore it is a destination which is solely for those seeking IVF, and then they have to be a married heterosexual relationship. For those that are eligible costs start around €3,000.

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Cheap IVF in India

India is one of the fastest growing destinations for medical tourism generally and this is particularly so for IVF treatments. Earlier in the article we noted that we had witnessed some clinics in India offering IVF for as little as €1,500 and egg donation IVF can be sourced for around €3,500 – this figure can often be negotiated as well which will bring the price down even further.

Cheap IVF in Barbados

With its proximity to the U.S. Barbados represents a cheap alternative for those patients who are happy to travel for treatment. IVF can start at just under the equivalent of $5,000 USD and egg donation IVF at $7,000 USD (anonymous donors) and $6,000 USD (non-anonymous donors). All prices are considerably cheaper than those offered in the U.S.


Like Barbados, Mexico is a popular destination for IVF patients from the U’S’ due to the cheap IVF costs. IVF prices are advertised at around $4,500 USD but this does not include medications. Add this and you will probably be paying around $8,000 USD. Egg donation IVF starts around $8,000 USD but similarly you need to factor in any donor compensation costs and medication.

Comparing costs

There are a number of countries from where larger numbers of IVF patients travel to access IVF and egg donor IVF. These include the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland and Australia.

The following table provides an opportunity to compare the costs of the cheapest IVF treatments against the costs of treatment in these countries.

Hopefully, this will be a useful tool for those seeking cheaper treatments.

CountryIVF with own eggs cost
(using €2,500 as the cheapest, baseline cost)
IVF with donor eggs cost
(using €4,500 as the cheapest, baseline cost)
United StatesThe average cost is $20,000 which is approximately 800% more expensive that the cheapest and most accessible IVF treatment we found The average cost is $35,000 which is approximately 800% more expensive that the cheapest and most accessible IVF with donor eggs treatment we found
CanadaThe average cost is $10,000 which is approximately 300% more expensive that the cheapest and most accessible IVF treatment we foundThe average cost is $15,000 which is approximately 300% more expensive that the cheapest and most accessible IVF with donor eggs treatment we found
United KingdomThe average cost is £7,000 which is approximately 300% more expensive that the cheapest and most accessible IVF treatment we foundThe average cost is £12,000 which is approximately 300% more expensive that the cheapest and most accessible IVF treatment we found
IrelandThe average cost is €6,000 which is approximately 250% more expensive that the cheapest and most accessible IVF treatment we foundThe average cost is €11,000 which is approximately 250% more expensive that the cheapest and most accessible IVF treatment we found
AustraliaThe average cost is $10,500 AUD which is approximately 250% more expensive that the cheapest and most accessible IVF treatment we foundThe average cost is $12,500 AUD which is approximately 250% more expensive that the cheapest and most accessible IVF treatment we found
Source: Own data, IVF Media Ltd.

Does ‘cheap’ mean the treatment is lacking in quality?

A difficult question! On one hand cheaper treatment can impact on its quality and effectiveness if the reason it is cheaper is because it does not rely on expensive up-to-date technologies or is not undertaken by experienced (and expensive) staff. On the other hand, treatment may be cheaper in some countries because the operating costs of the treatment provider may be significantly lower than those in other countries. For instance, it may be cheaper to run an IVF clinic in India than in the centre of New York!

If you have any doubts about cost, whether its because its too high or too low, always ask the treatment provider. You are investing a lot of money so don’t be afraid to ask your potential clinic to justify the amount you are being asked to pay!

Cheap IVF – Final Thoughts

Cost is the main, or at least, a major factor for many people when choosing IVF treatment. It is therefore crucial that you are able to gain an accurate and fixed (as it can be) cost before you make any decision about treatment. Cheap does not always equate to poor quality and if you flip it, high costs do not always equate to high quality!

As the graphics below show, you need to focus on 3 aspects of the treatment – IVF costs, the outcome, and the timeframe, and it’s difficult or impossible to connect all of those 3 factors in one. It’s not only about the costs.

Cheap IVF vs quality and outcome

So how to choose the right IVF clinic? You can read more about choosing the IVF clinic for your treatment in our exclusive article.

And remember, cost is only one factor when it comes to choosing your IVF clinic and IVF treatment. Always shop around, do as much research as you can and seek independent help and advice where possible. Prior to making any firm decision, visit the provider if at all; if not, check to see if the clinic provides a virtual (online) tour of its facilities. Check out the expertise offered by the clinic; what skills and interests have been flagged up by the provider; do they specialise in specific treatments or have they gained a reputation for helping patients like you.

And one final piece of advice, if your clinic choice comes down to treatment cost, why not choose a mid-priced provider, identify those that charge a lot and those who are offering the cheapest IVF treatment and then simply go for the middle!

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