7 Best Fertility Apps for 2022

The development and proliferation of modern day fertility apps which are designed to track menstrual cycles was one of the most eagerly anticipated innovations by women trying to achieve pregnancy by synchronising intercourse with ovulation to identify the most fertile days. The interest in, and sale of fertility apps and...

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Fertility 360°

Endometriosis, Infertility and IVF

Endometriosis - What is it? Endometriosis can be an overwhelming diagnosis. It is an often a painful and life altering condition in which endometrial tissue,...

Infertility issues – FertiAlly – Signposting with Experience

Once you have emotionally accepted a diagnosis of infertility it is wise to take some time out to carefully consider your next steps. You will...

Flaws in Funding Fertility – why we need a radical rethink in how we approach, budget for and fund IVF treatment

Professor Geeta Nargund, Medical Director, CREATE Fertility and abc ivfAs we start National Fertility Awareness Week, it is clear we need a radical rethink...

Fertility Journeys

Interview with Dr. Antonio Gosálvez from Quironsalud Madrid

...The more you give to your patients the better you will sleep at night...Dr. Antonio Gosálvez, MD, PhD, University Hospital Quironsalud in MadridWe have...

Fertility Journey Patient’s Case Study – Stacey and Kurt from the UK

About the coupleStacey and Kurt contacted us (University Hospital Quironsalud Madrid) from the UK. They were deeply emotionally affected for a year after their...

WE’RE PREGNANT!!! Stacey & Kurt Update Fertility Road Readers With the Pregnancy News

You may remember our couple Stacey & Kurt who were successful with their application for a free IVF cycle with our Spanish clinic partner...

IVF & treatment

IVF costs in the UK revealed

From baffling acronyms (ICSI? FET? PGT-A?!) to confusing stats surrounding success rates, the world of IVF treatment can appear bewildering to the uninitiated. But...

IVF on NHS – Funding and Eligibility – Patchwork Access

Where do you live? No, really, where exactly? Because when it comes to getting fertility treatment on the NHS that could be the most...

What is IVF treatment?

The history behind IVFOldham, England, July 1978 a baby was born. It was an ordinary baby but at the same time, it was unique....

Male Fertility

Male Infertility: Its Causes and Serious Mental Health Effects

In western cultures, infertility - defined by not conceiving after 12 months of unprotected intercourse - is often seen as the responsibility of the...

‘Sneaky’ sperm particles hitchhike around the body

Key points: Sperm particles discovery may also offer cancer researchers new insight into therapiesA new sperm discovery is set to rewrite anatomy textbooks and change...

Can Mobile Phones ‘Cook’ YOUR Sperm?

Why charging your phone next to where you sleep could be harming your sperm.

Modern Families

Growing Families – Surrogacy Stories From the Frontline

Ahead of Growing Families London & Dublin seminars on 2/3 October on international Donor IVF and Surrogacy options,  Sam Everingham interviews one recent couple...

The Inadequacy of Surrogacy Law In The UK

The Surrogates is a current BBC3 documentary series that explores the UK’s use of surrogacy by following five women and would-be parents over an...

8 Tips for Finding the Best Surrogacy Agency

Whether you’re planning to grow your family as intended parents or you want to give the gift of life as a surrogate, choosing the...

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