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IVF treatment abroad – resources

An increasing number of people consider IVF treatment abroad. The reason for this is that certain types of IVF treatments are not available in their home countries, for example, egg donation.  There is also the added benefit of shorter or no waiting lists or IVF treatment costs which may be significantly lower.

We have prepared guides, tips, and hints for patients interested in IVF treatment abroad and looking for top IVF clinics abroad. We have also prepared the best fertility treatment abroad resources guide – which may help you make an informed decision while looking for the best IVF clinics worldwide.

Featured IVF Clinics Abroad

Clinica Tambre

Clinica Tambre Madrid

IVF treatment availability at Clinica Tambre About Clinica Tambre Clinica Tambre is a fertility clinic located in the heart of Spain, the capital city of

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PreGen (UR Vistahermosa)

UR Vistahermosa

IVF treatment availability at UR Vistahermosa About UR Vistahermosa UR Vistahermosa is a private fertility clinic located in Alicante, Spain, and was founded in 1983.

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Instituto Bernabeu

Instituto Bernabeu

IVF treatment availability at Instituto Bernabeu About Instituto Bernabeu Instituto Bernabeu was founded in 1985 and has since become one of the leading infertility clinics

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emBIO Medical Center

emBIO Medical Center

IVF treatment availability at emBIO About emBIO emBIO is a fertility centre based in the Chalandri suburb of Athens, the capital city of Greece, and

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IVF treatment availability at Reproclinic About Reproclinic Reproclinic was founded in 2018 and is located in Barcelona, one of the most famous cities in the

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